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Job of the Week: Writer

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Hello, I'm back with week two of "Job of the Week". Choosing this week's job was very difficult because I had so many requests. This week I picked a job that many people seemed to be interested in. This week's job is writer!

I thought researching this job would be very helpful to me and many others. Many Times Writers would probably like to know more about this job, since they are obviously interested in writing. I hope this is helpful to you and inspires you to keep writing for the Times, and if you haven't written anything for the Times, maybe you should try!

There are several different things you can do in the field of writing. You can write short stories or novels, you can write for a newspaper or magazine, or even write creating ads or other sales material. Some writers write for their employees and write articles or stories that will be usful to the reader. Other writers may write on any topic that interests them. But no matter what they are writing, most writers go through the same process to finish their stories.

The first thing they do is gather information on the topic they are writing. They may use newpaper articles, diaries, photos, books, or interviews. Even if they are writing a fictional story, the author usually has to research things, for example, the time in which the story takes place or other aspects of the story. They then organize the information so they are able to make sense of it, put it together, and make it interesting and appealing to the reader.

One thing writers should be very good at is communicating. They need to talk to people to gather information and they need to be able to write their ideas cleary in a way that is able to be understood. They should be able to think of creative and original ideas for their work. How boring would it be if nobody thought of anything creative and the Times had articles about the same things every week? They should be able to analyze things and put pieces of information together. They should also be able to manage their time wisely and be able to meet deadlines. Most writers have to have things written in a certain amount of time. They should also be able to persuade or teach others on a certain topic.

In order to be a writer you should have a high school diploma or GED and it would be a good idea to get a bachelor's degree. The bachelor's degree is usually in journalism, English, or communications. 83% of writers in the workplace have a Bachelor's degree or higher, so if you are planning on being a writer this would be very helpful to you. Many writers start out with some kind of training such as an internship. During this time they work on pieces of writing and build their way up to higher writing levels.

In the United States, the median of writers make around $23 an hour or about $48,000 a year. This is just the median for the United States, depending on where you want a job, writers make anywhere from $16,000 a year to even $123,000 a year. I've noticed in the larger states, writers are more in demand and get paid more. W

ell there's what you'll need to know if you are considering becoming a writer. I hope this helped you to decide if this would be a good job for you and I also hope I have helped people come more interested in this career.

Well this is Morgan612 off to write more articles.

Author's Note: Source: http://ocis.ode.state.oh.us


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