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Game Guides: Whack-a-Virus

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I guess you could say that I saved the hardest game for last. This week's "Game Guide" is about the Whack-a-Virus game at the Bioplex. Have you ever wanted to know how viruses affect cells? Or how this can be stopped? Well, this can be learned by playing the Whack-a-Virus game. The game uses colourful shapes to represent viruses and antibodies. Do not be fooled by the name; this game is nothing like "whack-a-mole" or games that use a mallet to hit things for points.

To play this game, click Bioplex on the Destination bar. Go inside the Bioplex Lobby. Then go inside the Virus Lab. On the bottom of the screen, click Whack-a-virus.

Basically, viruses are invading cells. On the screen, you will see two gray square-shaped cells:

You need to stop the viruses from invading the cells and infecting them. The viruses look like this:

From the side of the screen, you'll see a bar divided into three colors.

This is called an antibody. Rotate the antibody so the three colors match up with the virus' leading edge. Align the antibody with the virus. Then click the down arrow key to drop it. The virus will connect with the antibody.

To drop it = click the down arrow key
To rotate it = click the left or right arrow key

Macrophage: The macrophage is the blue, purple and white moving circle.

When the virus connects with the antibody, the macrophage will come on the screen and remove the virus off the screen.

This game can be played by numerous people. There's a role for each player in the game.

One player can sit on the orange Antibody Creation Seat and design antibodies. You will see an uncolored antibody. A small red arrow will show you what order to color the three boxes in. Click the colors you want the antibody to be. When you're done creating, click the CREATE button. If you don't want to design antibodies anymore, say "leave" to get off the chair.

Another player can be the macrophage. When a virus and an antibody connect, the Whyvillian pretending to be the macrophage will go on top of the virus and clear it off the screen. To do this, click the macrophage in the upper right hand corner.

Clam Rewards
1 Clam for every virus stopped.
If you're the macrophage, 1 clam for each virus cleared off the screen.
If you make antibodies, 1 clam for each antibody that stops a virus.

Game Rating: 1 and a half star out of 5.

If you're looking to make over 5 clams, this is NOT the game for you. It involves patience, skill and most importantly teamwork. This is a game that you cannot play by yourself. The problem is, this isn't a very popular game and usually there's no one to play with. Also, with so much hard work you make very little clams. If you're interested in learning about viruses through a game, I recommend this game for you. Play this game if you want to make 1-5 clams. But after you make that many, the game's speed increases and you get confused very easily. The game can be improved in many ways. I think Whyvillians should have the option of choosing one player, or a group game. The game should be at a slower, more playable pace. Most importantly, the clam rewards should be increased.

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