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The Media What?

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Setting: Whyville Academy
Teacher: Ms. Times Editor
Ms. Times Editor: "What did you guys learn from last week's Media Menu?"
*Complete Silence*
Ms. Times Editor then rolls her eyes and hands everyone article ID #7938.

*Now back to the article! =D*

How many of you Times readers actually read the Media Menu? Dah, nevermind! I bet half you don't even know what the Media Menu is!

I recently went around Whyville asking a few of my fellow Whyvillians about their views on the MM. Would you believe if I told you that out of the fifteen people I interviewed, only three people had heard of the Media Menu? And guess what else? Out of those measly three people, only one person had actually read it!

For those of you Whyvillians who don't know what the Media Menu is, it's a list of shows that are approved for grades K-12. The shows range from interesting facts to historic events to cool marine animals. The point is to encourage our pixelated town to be eager to learn and find out new things. Maybe if you like the show, you will venture out on your own to learn more! The shows listed are usually interesting, so it doesn't necessarily have that "school" feeling.

"So if the Media Menu is as great as you say it is," you may be asking, "how come I've never heard of it?" Maybe because you only look at the articles on the front page, or at articles you are familiar with. You may have seen it before, just overlooked it. Honestly, if kids nowadays see an article -- or anything for that matter -- with anything involving anything educational, they usually would overlook it and go to something more exciting, like say the Entertainment section of the Times.

How about doing something wild and give it a try? Go ahead and just LOOK at the Media Menu. It's in the Media section of the Times. How convenient, huh? Check out the shows listed and set your alarm clock so that you won't forget. I guarantee you won't be sorry!

Going to watch "The Plague",
monae929 =]


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