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Winter Reading List

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The snow is falling gently outside, and that means one thing . . . winter is finally here! Unfortunately, you don't like having your toes frozen off, so you can't go outside, and videogames just don't hold that much appeal to you right now . . .

Why not curl up with a good book?

These are my personal recommendations for books that will keep you warm and cozy during the seemingly never-ending winter days.

"Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse"
By Stephenie Meyer

Okay, people, if you haven't read these, you need to. These books follow the (mis)adventures of Isabella Swan and her topsy-turvy romance with Edward Cullen, who is the single most dangerous person for her to fall in love with. Will love, as Shakespeare says, burn high when thwarted by such deadly obstacles?

"The Harry Potter" Series
By J.K. Rowling

This is a tried and tested success. If you haven't read these yet, I'd be exteremely surprised, and suggest you pick them up as soon as humanly possible. (Ready . . . Set . . . GO!) The Harry Potter books deal with the life of a wizard orphan from his early days of education to his quest to destroy the person that's responsible for his torn-up life. Dive into a world of magic mirrors, wands, transfiguration, quidditch and house-elves.

"Bloody Jack" Series
By L.A, Meyer

*I would give these books a PG-13 rating, due to the fact that they deal with some extremely sensitive subjects*

Mary "Jacky" Faber was orphaned when she was eight, and taken on by a band of Cheapside street children. When Charlie, the leader of the band, meets an untimely death, Mary decides she cannot take it anymore and gets taken on as a ships boy on The Dolphin. There is a catch however; since it's bad luck to have females on a ship, Mary, now called Jacky, has to convince everyone that she's a boy. Growing up is hard enough for Jacky, but what will happen when she falls in love with a fellow ship's boy?

"Pride and Prejudice"
By Jane Austen

This book is a classic romance, and, if you can get past the old English, an instant favorite. Betrayal, love, spite, pride, and prejudice pepper the story and make it an insanely good read. However, in order to understand the book more completely, I suggest you watch the movie first.

I could probably go on and on, but, if you take my advice and read all of these, you'll be busy reading all winter!

Get busy, and tell me your opinions on all of the above books!

Well, I'm off to the library, trying to organize an author's event.


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