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What Politics Have Done

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Politics. Those things that make countries work. Sure, keep on believing that. Politics are ruining today's society. I can't go to school without being called an idiot. Why? Politics. "Friends" go off on me, even if we have the same moral values. Why? Politics. I can't state what a believe without being personally attacked. Why? Politics. My writing is marked down by my teacher with no explanation, when everyone else who wrote about my teacher's beliefs are praised. Why? Politics. Politics are destroying our society.

I'm patriotic. It seems I'm one of the few people who is actually proud to live in the United States of America. I support our president in a time of war. So why is that so bad? Politics, my friend. No one likes ANYTHING our president does, because of political reasons. Say you're a conservative, and the president does something morally right, but liberal. Do you support it? If you said yes, either you're a great person, or you're lying to yourself. Politics tend to get in the way of what's truly going on.

A radical Islamic killed his daughter in Canada today because she wouldn't wear an Islamic scarf. Politics got in the way of stating what really happened. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel) made sure of that. They stated that she was killed because of a "disagreement of dress," And never said it had anything to do with radical Islam. You have to understand, I have nothing against Muslims. One of my best friends, Omar, is Muslim. But someone has to draw the line between being faithful, and killing your own child. Why was this omitted in the report? Why, because it would support the war in Iraq. You're probably reading this and thinking, "Man, that bllyjo really is an idiot. Anyone who supports that war is an idiot!" Once again, politics are speaking to you.

I saw around Whyville tons of people wearing anti-Bush signs. Most of them, when asked why, many stated something like the following, "Because he's an idiot," or even "Because he's a Republican." Barely anyone supported their facts. Politics are taking over. No one cares about the issues, just politics.

By now, you're probably reaching for that X button up in the corner "Why listen to this idiot? All he's doing is supporting HIS side of politics." Might I direct your attention to paragraph 2? I used conservatism as an example. I myself am a conservative. This message is not only to left-wingers who I disagree with. This message is to all concerned with politics. The 2008 election is coming up. Will you vote for the Democrat because you're a Democrat? Will you even watch the debates and give the other side a chance?

Columbus Day, for the first time, was a disagreement this year. Why? Apparently, Columbus had slaves. And, of course, there's the issue of the Native people. Why hadn't this come up before? People used to like America. Now, it seems, anything to do with America, because of politics, is bad. Some people even stated the world would be better off without America. And don't think I've forgotten about you, all ye Canadians. I believe the French did the same thing to get Canada? Now why aren't you fighting that? Because of politics.

So next time you watch a presidential debate, or see someone state their opinion, don't immediately get ready to attack. Listen to what they have to say. The same goes for if you see something you politically agree with. Think about the morals behind it. Don't let politics take over the world.

This has been bllyjo, who is now preparing to get screamed at in the BBS.


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