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Fashion Flavor: Let's Be Different

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Well, I know I did an article a long time ago about being different and having a look of your own so I thought maybe I should do another. Therefore I'm going to have some people in this article who look different compared to everyone else you see in Whyville. Please do not try to copy their awesome looks, although I will give you some tips on how to make an awesome original look of your own as you read through!

First is laaame. He has a very simple look but he doesn't look like anyone else you see in whyville. He doesn't really try to accessorize but in his own way look great without a ton! If you want to keep a simple yet original look of your own like this try looking up some of the awesome hairs by Shoes00 at Akbar's. Shirts like this can be found by Alison423, Altarboy, or MagicBox.

Next is DJMO2468. He has an extremely original look! With the stitched mouth, hair, eyes, and hat he looks different from everyone else in Whyville! If you want a stitched mouth like this one you can find on for ten clams called Dolly Mouth xImRaechel by weathercr. A nice hat can be found at Akbar's for 101 clams. It is called Papercut and is by patrickpp.

Since we have now seen two awesome guys we will not go to see Muffzilla. Not, a monster but a girl with a very creative and original look. Her layered hair, ty sign, and the positioning of her arm creates a very original look. If you want to get a hand just like hers xXx102xXx makes one like it called WhAt ThE HeCk Is RaInBoW aRm for 100 clams. If you like her shirt you can check altarboy's shirts out, since it is made by her!

Lastly we have Paramor14. She is original for the styling of her hair. It is layered in man different and fantastic ways. If you want hair like her check out hair by Alison423 or claire33. If you want a hat like her Twigsy makes some like it!

Well, that's all for this article. Please continue reading my articles. Let's now leave off with a snow man named Cameliz. (A snow man can be purchased at Akbar's for 35 clams. The snowman is by AprilMist and is called LOOK Imma Snowman Head xApril) Have a great day!


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