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The Presidential Election

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Hi, I'm Pamelia. Like a lot of you, I have some very strong views on political issues. I think that the coming election raises a lot of questions in many of our minds.

Whether from the U.S.A. or not, whether over 18 and eligible to vote or not, the presidential elections are coming up and there are some points which are very surprising to me.

As you may know, first there are the elections that choose which candidate will be chosen to represent their party, the primary elections. Each state votes, or so it seems. Very recently, Michigan and Florida wanted to move up their voting times for this election. However, after they stated that, it was decreed that the candidates would have to give permission for the voting date to be moved up, and they did not. So, with what I thought was very bad judgment, neither Michigan nor Florida's votes will count in the primary election.

The candidates for this election also surprise me. There are many, but I focus now on the few which I know much of.

Barack Obama is very intelligent, and makes a lot of points which I agree with. He does not, however, have a lot of experience with anything near to running the country, and he does not say what he really thinks, some things which I would very much like to hear.

Hilary Clinton. Well, she does raise a LOT of questions in many of our minds, a lot of questions. She is undoubtedly smart, but if she would actually show her thoughts to the public is questionable. She seems to agree with the public too much, on points which she should not agree on. She tends to say whatever the public wants to hear, and not what they need to hear, such as green house gasses, and the war in Israel.

Someone who has lots of experience is Rudy Giuliani. He lowered New York's crime rate by a good deal, but whether he could run the country is another question. I think that one of his worst things about him is that he did not strongly oppose the water boarding secretly done by the white house.

Thank you, and happy elections.


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