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Job of the Week: Architect

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Hey, it's Morgan612, and I'm back with "Job of the Week". This week's job was popularly requested. This week I have chosen to write about the job of architect. Architects are not recognized in society as much as they should be; they probably do a lot more than you think.

Architects design and make plans for buildings and other structures. They need to work with clients, engineers, and contractors; they stay involved with the project from the first rough draft to the end of construction. They meet with a client and see what they want, the then come up with a complete plan, called a report. A report includes drawings, models, and estimated costs. They have to come up with a way for the building design to work, so that the building will be sturdy and safe. They also supervise construction and when construction is complete, make sure all plans are completed and all codes are met.

Architects need to be able to use reasoning, math skills, and scientific methods to solve or identify problems. If something goes wrong in the building plans they need to be able to solve the problem quickly by testing and evaluating new processes. They need to work with people well and share ideas. They should analyze needs and requirements for a certain project and should be able to imagine how something will look or be if it is moved or rearranged. They should also have creativity in planning new designs.

Many people assume architects just have to plan buildings and it's not a hard job, but they're wrong. Architecture takes lots of skill and you will need a lot of education to achieve that skill level. If you are planning on becoming an architect you will need to have a high school diploma or GED, a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture, and complete an internship, which generally lasts three years. When choosing to go to college to be an architect, there are a couple different choices to consider. You can either get a 5 year bachelor's degree or a 1-4 year master's degree. If you do not already have a college degree you should go with the bachelor's degree and then move on to higher training. If you already have a bachelor's degree or a nonprofessional degree in architecture you may want to go with the master's degree.

The wages of an architect vary greatly. Reason being, different architects will design different buildings and the pay will change from person to person. You will most likely earn more if you go into a large firm, rather than being self employed. The median amount that architects are paid in the United States is $64,150 a year or $30.84 an hour.

I hope this article taught you a lot about architecture and I am glad I was also able to learn more about this occupation as well.

This is Morgan612 off to find a new job to research.


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