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For this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight I am nominating someone who fully deserves it. I'm not just nominating this person because she has two scions, or because she's a y-mail helper and a member of the street team. I'm nominating her because she's a great person and citizen of Whyville. This week's WITS is andreappd.

Andreappd, or Andrea, has been on Whyville since January of 2006, almost two years. In those two years she's done so much. She's a friend to all in Whyville. In two years she's made so many friends, probably too many to keep track of. She is always nice to anyone she meets, I've never seen her say anything bad to anyone that she doesn't know, she gives everyone a chance to be her friend. And she's also a great friend. She knows how to cheer anybody up, whenever I'm upset all I have to do is talk to her and she can make me feel better right away.

She also stands up for what she believes in. When someone says something she doesn't agree with, she will speak her mind. She has had countless debates here in Whyville, but she never tries to change anyone's beliefs. She let's others know her opinions but would never want for them to change their mind about something just because she thinks differently. She knows what she believes in and will always stand up for that.

Andrea is a great friend and an amazing person, but she also does lots in Whyville. She is always active in the BBS every time a new edition to the Times comes out. She is always helping writers with ideas and constructive criticism and letting others know when their articles are great. She helps at the Newbie Center, she is always at events in Whyville, when she can make it, and she has one grandparent in Whyville.

All and all, Andreappd is a great candidate for Whyvillian in the Spotlight and she truly deserves it.

This is Morgan612, saying thanks Andrea for all you've done!


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