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Hockey: Canada's Game

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Baxierox here, back with the second edition of my column. I know some of you readers may have thought my first article was a little boring with mostly only facts and history included. This week I will try to make my article a little more enjoyable for everyone. What better way to do that than by looking at the top three fastest, fiercest and all around best superstars currently playing in the NHL.

The first superstar I am fortunate enough to have an autograph of. He plays for the Detroit Red Wings. This special player is known for his speed and ability to score in high pressure situations like shootouts and penalty shots. He is a forward and is known for more goals than assists. Ladies and gentleman, Henrik Zetterberg.

Zetterberg was born in in Sweden. He is amongst the current leaders in points and goals. He is sill quite young and knows a lot about the way the game is played. He is expected to fill the void left by former NHL superstar Steve Yzerman. Zetterberg is on pace for his career best in all offensive categories.

Let's take a look at defence. I am going to be biased on this one because this player is not the best choice but is still a good player. He is my favorite player in the NHL and plays for my favorite team the Toronto Maple Leafs. I am pleased to introduce number 24, Bryan McCabe. Bryan is a Canadian and is best known for his blistering Slapsot from the blueline. McCabe is always out on the powerplay with fellow star Tomas Kaberle. I am sad to report that this past Saturday night McCabe broke three bones is his left hand. He underwent surgery on Monday and is out of the line-up for a maximum of two months!

Goalies are important in almost every team sport. There is no difference in hockey. Goalies are arguably the most important players on the ice because they are the last line of defence. The goalie I am going to introduce to you is easily going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This goalie is quite old for a NHL player but is still playing at an above average level. Boys and grils of all ages, Martin Brodeur!!

Brodeur has spent all of his career in New jersey playing for the New Jersey Devils. Previously, he led the Devils to a nine game winning streak. He has also led the Devils to three Stanley Cups in the past 12 years, most recently in 2003. The Devils lost lots of talent via free agency (more on that in future articles) but the Devils are still performing well. Brodeur is second all time in shutouts, playoof shut outs, regualr season wins and minutes played. Martin Brodeur has been a superstar player for years past and will be for years to come.

Hope you enjoyed this article about the top players for each posistion. Next week is all about the upcoming All Star Game.

I am going to hockey practice.



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