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PhonyFunny: Superid is a Superhero!

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Author's Note: This week, we're introducing audiences to the column's pictures!

Have you ever wondered who founded Whyville? Who brought together this little site we love? The CEO of it all, even? His name is Jim Bower. You may know him as superid. You may know him as the person who's name was used in the Chat Test (Jim) who doesn't seem like a very good friend at all -- he called everyone who took the test "ugly and stupid"! Here is a picture of his current avatar:

He pops up in the Greek Theater from time to time. Maybe you've seen him . . . but have you pondered what his name meant? Phonyfunny Reports is on the case.

The PhonyFunny Name Decoder (which is on sale at this moment in American Eagles everywhere for $59.99 plus tax) determined that this name was an anagram. Yes, an anagram, where the words are scrambled up without capitalization and splitting. They can be deceiving. But after days and days of decoding, we found out that his name stood for Super Identification, or Super ID.

Anyone who has EVER watched a superhero movie knows that they have Secret Identities, and "Super" Identities! Does this mean that superid is, in fact, a superhero? The PhonyFunny Reports Avatar Generator (also used in the PhonyFunny report about Rochrox, which is on sale at Kohl's all across the United States and Chile for $99.99 plus tax) got a picture of how superid would look as a superhero!

Wow! That looks nice! Next, to prove this was actually correct, we pretended someone was in trouble. You can see the audience in the background and me getting ready to shoot a screenshot! The audience was thrilled to be in the first audience shot!

I couldn't get an interview with Superid, he ran off, and I didn't get an interview with the girl who hurt her arm, she ended up falling off of the sunroof, so I interviewed the girl who pushed her, Zyrca.

Ps2man1: Hello, Zyrca! What was it like to see superid the Superhero in action?
Zyrca: It was irritating! Can't I randomly push someone over without SUPERID interfering?
Ps2man1: I see. So, why did you push her over?
Zyrca: Do I NEED a reason?
Ps2man1: Yes.
Zyrca: The little voices told me to. Now they're telling me to push you over.

I'll see you later, guys! At the moment, I have Zyrca chasing me and I'm so sca-- AHHHHH *falls off sunroof*. Thanks a LOT Zyrca!

This is ps2man1, falling to the ground. *falls*

Author's Note: Thanks for helping with some of the idea and the interview: Zyrca.

Those used in this article:
- ps2man1
- superid
- 1260
- Submerge
- Zyrca
- ducky464
- tokyo1

Mail me if you want to be in the next audience. If you don't like the audiences, say so in the BBS! Goodbye!


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