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Game Guides: PlaneWorks WingFling

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Sadly, this is the last article in the "Game Guides" series. Remember, this is the series that teaches you about games that give clams automatically. It's such a bore to wait a whole day for your salary. Thankfully, there's 5 games that give clams right after you play. This week's game is the 5th game-- the Planeworks WingFling. The game is about creating planes.

To play this game, click PlaneWorks on the Destination bar. Then click WingFling at the bottom of the page OR click the entrance of the PlaneWorks WingFling Building. There are 25 rooms to play this game.

There are four types of planes; Aluminum F-16(black), Aluminum Boeing 737 (gray), Aluminum Boeing 747(white), Aluminum Cessna 560 (gold). On the left side of the screen, there's a conveyor belt that puts plane parts on the 6 storage bins.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see 3 large boxes. These boxes are called 'Bays'. In the bays, you need to make the planes. Take the plane parts from the storage bins and put them in the bays to create your plane.

There's a counter that tells you how many planes you've built so far.

Here are all the parts that complete a plane:

The game is over when the storage bins are all full of plane parts.

Clam Rewards
Each plane part you put in the bay, is worth 0.5 clams.
1 full plane has 4 parts. So 4 x 0.5 = 2 clams.
You get 2 clams for each plane you make.
You also get 0.5 clams for any parts you have in the bay.

Game Rating: 4 and a half stars out of 5.

This is an excellent game is you want to make 1-50 clams. The game requires fast reflexes, but it's very simple. You need to be fast at making planes. If you want to make 100 clams, you have to learn to be extremely fast. If you're a little slow, ask a friend to help you play. This game can be played by numerous people.

The only complaint I have is sometimes doubles of plane parts fill the storage bins. For example, sometimes the storage bins are full of 1 plane part. This makes the game very hard and confusing because you're not getting the plane parts you need.

I hope you enjoyed the series. But here's a little catch: these aren't the only games that give you clams automatically. There's a lot of competition games that give you clams right after you play. The Game Guides series was on games you can play by yourself. In the New Year, I'll write about the competition games that give clams automatically. I'll also include tips and hints to win. Look forward to a new year of more clams, thanks to the Game Guides series.


Author's Note: Thank you for reading the series each week! Your encouraging comments kept me writing!


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