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Taking pictures, knowing who's official, and help with the games.

Whyville Photographer

A lot of people have been asking me how to take snapshots in Whyville. It's actually really really easy. I use a PC, so this might be different for people who have Macs or other computers.

First, when you are ready to take the picture, click on the button *Print Screen* on your keyboard. On my keyboard it is beside Scroll Lock, and F12. Then after you pushed that button, go into a Paint Program; I use Paint Shop Pro, but you don't need an advanced program, you can use the Paint that your computer might come with that is under Accessories. Then open the paint program and find the button that says Paste. It is always near Copy and Cut. In the regular Paint program that Windows comes With, you have to go to Edit, then you will find Paste. :0)

Ok, I hope this helps you. If not, you can y-mail me at SupaStar0.



Whyville Veteran

Hey guys. It's SamGirl21 here with a special report. Did you ever notice how many different groups claim to be Whyville officials? Some say they can read whispering, others say they can banish you if you are rude to them.

So how do we tell if these groups are real or fake? Well, you can basically just use your common sense, such as check if they are wearing the City Worker beanie hat. Another tip is just asking them for proof. If they don't show you anything, don't believe them that their group is real. Or you can just write to City Hall and ask.

Sorry this article is so short, but my next one will be longer I promise. See you all, and play safe!



Games Player

Some good games for clams are Alien Rescue Game, House of Illusions, Skater Game and Spin It. You have to wait one day for your salary to be changed. Now, I'll explain how to play the games.

Alien Rescue Game: you have to rescue aliens by taking hints from the aliens you have to have the right month , day and place when you have them right you will see the alien and it will give you clothing from the place.

House of Illusions: all you have to do is look at the illusions.

Skater Game: you have to make your skater spin faster; the faster it spins, the better trophy you get.

Spin It is like the Skater Game, except with objects.

There are more games, but these are my favorites. Have Fun!!!



Games Player

I find it very hard to get clams. Today was my very first time on Whyville. I tried many things but, what proved most helpful was the Whyville Times articles. They really help you out. I ended up going to the Illusion Room, and got clams. You should try this too, if it is your first time. I also got help from a friend who has experience with Whyville. Now I know a lot about it. If you need help on this site, mail me and I will try to help.....britt



Games Player

Hey, everyone who thinks clams is hard:

At first everyone thinks making clams are really hard and trust me, I know from experience that they are hard to make, but all you have to do is play games at the spinning lab. I would have to say myself that the skater game is the easiest!! Here are some tips: make sure that the arms are above her head or directly in front of her, and also make sure that the legs are close together. Just keep trying and don't give up, because playing games is the way to make your clams!!!!

This is DREAM44 signing off, and y-mail me if you have any ?'s and I will do my best to answer them, too!

Bye! Have fun on Whyville because it is for sure the best website I have ever been on!!!




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