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Helping Hands

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Helping Hands

Guest Writer

Hi, my name's fetus. The other day, I noticed that my sister always helps newbies out. That touched me, but the one newbie I will always remember is cheech1.

Cheech1 was new at Whyville and had no clue what to do and the only face part he had was a heart. Then my sister {WMMA} got a letter from some one she had never heard of. He was asking her for help.

When she got that letter, she decided to help him out by sharing clams, telling him how to play games, and stuff like that! He worked his way up and got a decent salary, and now he looks great and my sis {WMMA} is feeling better than ever!

It's been a while since that happened, but they still keep in touch. I love Whyville because you get to help people out, whether it's your friend or a complete stranger. I'm telling you this, if some one asks you for help, GIVE IT TO THEM!!!

This is Fetus, signing off...


Guest Writer

I think of Whyville as my second home. You can have pets on Whyville and for real. And you can also have parents on Whyville too. So this is what my article is all about: mommies.

I think that everybody on Whyville should have a mommy or a daddy. If not both. So if anybody out there needs a mommy y-mail me, muffins89, and I will be your mommy. If there is anybody out there that needs a daddy, y-mail 1angel89. He is a loving and caring daddy.

So if anybody needs a mommy or a daddy, y-mail us!



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