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Take the Test!

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There are lots of ups and downs to real life AND Whyville life. These are to tests to see how YOU react to them.


Q1. Your BEST friend with kids gets a plot and says, "Do you wanna share it wit me?" You:

a. Say, "I'd TOTALLY luv to share a plot with u!"
b. Say, "No, thanks," knowing that you don't like kids.
c. Say, "Sure. Only for a bit, though. I'm planning on getting one myself."

Q2. You FINALLY get to 1000 clams. You:

a. Go on a HUGE shopping spree or join Club Y, then tell everyone what you did that day.
b. Go tell everyone you know.
c. Donate a bit to the newbies or go buy cheap things to donate to Grandma's.

Q3. Someone sent you a clamgram for 50 clams! You:

a. Say, "Sweet! More shoppin!"
b. Not use the 50 clams, just in case the person sent them to you 'accidentally'
c. Mail the person back and find out what's going on.

MOSTLY A'S: You're a very happy person and you just go wit da flow.
MOSTLY B'S: You're a nice person and you always think things over and you're full of caution.
MOSTLY C'S: You're caring and if you're not sure about something, you talk to someone 'bout it.


Q1. A loved one on Whyville died. You:

a. Go by black clothes and tears.
b. Say,"N0! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" and fall to the ground.
c. Think, 'OMG! This is SO bad. But I still have other people that I can love.'

Q2. You were hacked. You:

a. Start a new person on Whyville.
b. Never go on Whyville again.
c. Hack whoever you think hacked you.

Q3. Your bf/gf broke up with you. you:

a. Forget about it.
b. Never speak to him/her again.
c. Show off at him/her with your NEW bf/gf.

MOSTLY A'S: You're really good at getting over things.
MOSTLY B'S: You never forget about it, but you still move on.
MOSTLY C'S: You're proud and you handle things pretty well.

If you're not happy with your results, you can change if you really want to.



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