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Travelog from Puerto Rico

Far-Flung Correspondent

Editor's Note: Inspired by our very own Bigfoot Bill's far-flung adventures, we're now starting a new series of articles about new and exciting locations all across the globe. Do you live outside of North America? Did you travel to an exotic location recently? Submit an article about your far-flung location and join the Times as one of our "far-flung correspondents"!

To start the series off, we present...Spazchick...

This summer, I went with my church to Puerto Rico, to help out the locals and do some service work. My church, along with another local church, were teaming up. I ended up learning a lot and meeting tons of cool, new people. The place we stayed at is a Christian camp, and lots of children were there at the same time as us.

Day One: Sunday

After meeting at the early service at my church, we made our way to the airport!! After getting there, everyone was a little nervous, because we didn't know exactly what was ahead of us. I also personally felt nervous about meeting the people from the other church. Would they like me? What if we didn't get along? Well, during the plane ride, they proved me wrong. They were hilarious, and loved to have a good time.

First, we flew to Miami, which didn't take too long, maybe an hour and a half. Then, we got on our plane to go to SAN JUAN!!

The plane ride wasn't all that exciting, we watched "King of Queens" (a regularly scheduled NBC show). We also ate airplane food, and I don't think I have to say anything about that, even though I still survived!!

We finally arrived at the San Juan airport, and I learned just how heavy all my stuff is!! Especially when I don't have my dad to help me carry it!! It seemed like forever, but everyone finally got their stuff off the baggage claim area.

Both of our churches piled onto a bus, with our luggage pretty much taking up a quarter of the bus. (Needless to say, it was jam-packed!) About half-way through, we stopped at (yes!) KFC!! REAL FOOD! There was only one English-speaking person there, lucky for us, and he was funny. We taught him a little about our religion, then we loaded back up on the bus.

After long, mountain roads, super-skinny lanes (in the U.S., I would consider that a one-lane road, not two!!), avalanching luggage, and an awful banging noise coming from the bus, we made it!! Everyone was half asleep, and we had to walk down the steepest hill I've ever seen... well, I guess you could say felt, since it was pitch-black outside!! After me tripping on the way to our cabin (welcome to my world), we waited for clean sheets, and plopped down on the cushions. (By the way, the cabin was only held up by some rotting metal and plywood). My friend set her cell phone to wake us up in the morning, and as entertainment to fall asleep, I watched the ants on the wall.

(FYI -- the man that took us from the airport to the church, all 3-4 hours, had volunteered, even though he had a brand new baby at home!! That just goes to show how incredibly nice the people are there!!! His name is Sergio, just like Whyville's taxi driver!)

There's more to come about my trip -- a whole week's worth, including pics! -- in the next issue of the Times!



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