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Through Good and Bad Times

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Through Good and Bad Times

Guest Writer

Dear Whyville and its many citizens,

This is Psycochic. I'd like to share with you a brief story about Whyville. It doesn't really have a point, except that Whyville has been a wonderful home to me for the past year or so, and I bet there are many who agree with me.

After school I make my way to come to the computer so that I may go to the oh-so-addictive website Whyville.net. I want to thank you Whyville for being there for me after school, nights I have no homework, and times when I'm bored. Your cheerful website always brings joy to my heart, especially with the life I live in this second home you know as Whyville.

Please don't shut it down. Through good times and bad, us citizens have made it through it all. We have friends that care, relationships, homes, and even family! If you think about it, all of us are one big family. I'm not trying to be sappy but I truly do care about Whyville. I know I haven't been here as long as some, but I've been there done that and I can call myself a true citizen. I don't care what it takes, I'll fight to the end to keep Whyville.

The fighting between Whyvillians must end here. Everyone is getting out of hand and going too far because of little pitiful differences. Newbies are being made fun of, people who are different and unique are being criticized about "being different". But isn't being different what Whyville is for? A place to get away from our problems and not have to be made fun of for who we are? We should accept one another's differences and maybe, just maybe Whyville wouldn't be so violent. One person, I won't name any names, but he sent my friend a death threat because there was something about her he "didn't like".

If you can't handle Whyville, don't go on it okay? I may sound harsh but it's a little scary being sent death threats in the mail.

I've also been harassed by people, mostly newbies, for not sending them clams. That's another thing about Whyville. You are supposed to earn your own salary, and make your own money. It makes me sick to see newbies complaining about having no clams. When I started out, I DIDN'T GET ANY HELP! I was on my own and I found my own way around. You can do the same for yourself! They give instructions to games, you can read, can't you????

Whyville is nothing like it used to be, and this really makes me mad! People have become racist too! My daughter danielleq is dark-skinned and a wonderful caring person. People see through that because, "Oh, they're not like us, let's make fun of them." That's not how it should be. Be nice to others that are nice to you. Don't fight with rude people: just simply warn them, silence them and if it really gets that bad, report to City Hall.

This is Psycochic signing off, and I hope you think about my article.



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