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A Reminder

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A Reminder

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A homeless man stops you on the street asking for money. Some of you would give it to him; others may decline politely, while some may even ignore him completely.

Now, a middle class woman in nice clothes approaches you on the street. "May I have ten dollars?" she asks you. You ask yourself why this woman would need that money. Why would you give money to a person doing perfectly well on his or her own when you could be giving it to someone who really needs it?

What does this have to do with you? Well if you're one of those people who ask for clams, or are asked for clams, you fit into this awkward situation. The homeless man could be a "newbie", or someone new to Whyville with little clams, a low salary, and not many face parts. The middle class woman could be the larger population of Whyville whose salary is about 25 or more, they have about 50 to 400 clams, and their face looks pretty good. This is the group that I find mostly asks for clams.

You always want more then what you have. We all could use some more shirts, but we don't NEED them. A few days ago, I was asked to give out free shirts to a Whyvillian who looked better then the average head. I told this Whyvillian that they looked fine, and then asked if I could donate the shirt to Grandma's or give it to a less fortunate "Newly". This Whyvillians reply was "No thanks, I need shirts."

This is the main point of my article. Whyvillians need to stop being greedy, and stop begging for clams. I'm not writing this article because I have enough clams and I really like my face. I remember when I first started Whyville; I looked like a potato. I know that there are some great citizens who donate their old clothes to Grandma's and help out Newbies, but unfortunately, I'm finding this to not be the majority of Whyville.

Instead of asking for clams, why not get help with raising your salary? Please, next time you have to HAVE to ask for those extra 10 clams for a new shirt, think of the Whyvillians who don't have that much.

This is Elmo11, signing off for the better of Whyville.



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