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How Much It Means to Me

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Whyville Poet

Hi! It's irsistble!

I'm writing this poem just to let you guys know how much Whyville means to me.

What It Means To Me

I'm writing you this poem
To tell you how I feel.
Whyville means so much to me,
Though it is not real.

It taught me how to be myself,
It taught me how to smile,
It taught me many things I know,
Every visit is worthwhile.

It taught me that there's more to life
Than just money and looks,
It taught me to stop judging
By the cover of life's books.

It taught me that in real life,
It's the inside that counts,
It taught me that not all good things,
Are measured by the ounce.

It taught me that I can't live life
With a closed and stubborn mind.
It taught me how to open my eyes,
Instead of being so blind.

It taught me that my real true friends,
Would not judge me by my face,
It taught me not to follow others,
But to live at my own pace.

It taught me that in the real world,
Life is not a breeze,
It taught me that you have to work hard,
To get through life with ease.

It taught me that I can't rely
On my family and friends,
It taught me about responsibility,
A burden that never ends.

It taught me how to be myself,
Not what others want to see,
It taught me that I will be accepted,
If I just act like me.

Whyville teaches a lot of things,
More than my teachers have ever done,
It teaches me to take life serious,
But stop and have some fun.

So although it's not for real,
It's just an internet game,
It's changed me so much already,
I'll never be the same.

I'll never look at different people
And judge them by their face,
Or by their hair or skin or clothes,
And definitely not their race.

I want to say thanx to the Whyville staff,
And all the friends I've met,
And let you know I won't be leaving soon,
Well, at least not yet.

Now it's time for me to go,
Thanx so much for taking the time
To read this article through and through,
I'll cya later -- BYE!



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