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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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"Christa is Tara's Jonas Brother heart lover."

"Christa is my best friend, she's my bff!"

"Christa is funny and she'll listen. She's da-bomb, LoL, she makes friends easily, because she's a good friend. She's kind, she's smart, and weird. (jk Christa!)"

"Christa is freaking awesome, YO!"
-Christa herself :]

As you can tell I'm nominating Christa, known as "nicenfun" or "imahilton" for Whyvillian in the Spotlight.

Christa is 13 years-old and lives in Baltimore, Maryland. I've known her for about 2 years and know enough about her for a lifetime. She's overly obsessive about Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat. She also is obsessed with Whyville.

I asked her to give us some more information about herself.

Favorite Food: Ehh, don't really have one.
Favorite Vacation Place: Disney World, Woo party!
Favorite Place: The mall or school, LoL.
Favorite Band: All Time Low = Best Ever
Favorite Solo Artist: Don't have one, I mainly just have favorite bands, solo artists come and go.
Favorite Song: Anything by All Time Low, "Mayday Parade", "Boys Like Girls" or "Escape the Fate".
Favorite Sport: Dance
Favorite Color: Pink!
Favorite Site: Whyville, Duh!
Favorite Person Eva: My dear Maddy :]!
Favorite Holiday: Christmas <3
Favorite Book: Hmm, "L8r G8r".
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls

Then I asked her some questions about Whyville. It was hard to think of questions, so I asked Morgie the magnificent to help me out.

Favorite Chat room: Trading post / Greek Theater
Favorite Face Part: Don't have one
Favorite City Worker: Coolethan or lovedyed
Limit of Hours/Minutes a Day on Whyville: I have no limit.
Favorite Times Article: Bluebag's band one.
How Many Years On Whyville: 2 and a half years!

So to conclude, Christa is a totally rad person; she is always happy; ever since I've known her I don't think I've ever seen her sad. I've seen her a little mad, but it's never her fault. When someone annoys her, she finds a way to make it funny, and laughs about it.

So if you ever see her floating around Whyville, you should say hello and get to know her :].

Signing off,


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