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Frequently Asked Newbie Questions

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It's bonita27 here again, this time bringing you some FAQ's of the Newbie Center!

To start off, I would just like to say I love being a Newbie helper. It's always something different and rewarding . . . except for when it's not. I hate to say but sometimes (not always of course) being asked the same questions over and over can be kind of a drag. So, I found myself wishing I could just answer all the most common questions in one place and realized . . . I can!

In this article I will answer the frequently asked questions that come up constantly in the Newbie Center and hopefully I will help at least a handful of new Whyvillians out. :)

1. Where is the disco?

This one comes up not only from new members but more experienced ones as well. To get to the disco, go to "Sector Y" on the Destinations Bar. Then, in the middle of the grass you'll see a pile of dirt. Click on that dirt pile . . . and you will find yourself in the disco. But remember, you can only get in if you have an invitation so check out the party calendar in Club Why to ask for one from the current host!

2. How do I raise my salary?

This question mostly comes from one or two day-old Whyvillians and guests. To raise your salary you need to play the Whyville games. Go to "salary ledger" on the Destinations Bar. That list of games, once beat, will raise your salary. The higher the salary, the more clams your receive just for logging in!

3. How do I change my face?

If you are new to Whyville the first thing you are dying to do is make yourself "fit in" (or not :D) so your given "Newbie" avatar doesn't stick out so much. To do this, you first need to buy parts. You can buy parts at Akbar's Face Mall. Go to Akbar's Face Mall on the Destinations Bar and search for an item you would like. Once you've bought it go to "Pick Your Nose" on the Destinations Bar to apply them to your face.

4. How do I get this hat off?

Thanks to the new Welcome Lounge, this question is becoming more and more frequent. To get rid of the hat (but really, who would want to, it's so incredibly stylish . . .) say "exit tour". If it doesn't go away right away leave the chat room and come back or go to another. It will be gone then.

5. How do I throw projectiles?

If I had a nickel . . . xD, anyways . . . there are two ways to throw projectiles. You can either throw a projectile at a person or throw it at a certain angle. (Make sure you have bought the actual projectile first. To do that go to "Projectile Shoppe" on the Destinations Bar). To throw a projectile at a person say, "throw name of projectile name of person". Here is an example, "throw smile bonita27". To throw a projectile at a certain angle it's virtually the same thing but with angles in place of names. So say, "throw name of projectile name of angle". Example, "throw smile 120".

6. What is on my face?

Though this is a vague question y-mail helpers usually can tell by your avatar what the problem is. In fact, it's plural. If there's something unusual about your face (i.e. spots, bubbles floating off your head, etc.) it is one of two problems.

If you ARE a participant of WhyEat any weird things that happen to your face like discoloration and bad teeth are because you aren't maintaining a proper diet. Either fix your diet or quit WhyEat. To quit go to your WhyEat book in the red satchel and at the top click "Quit Nutrition Activity".

If you are NOT doing WhyEat Live, then it is WhyPox. There is no sure-fire way to completely rid yourself of WhyPox but thanks to the pharmacy you can get rid of the symptoms for two hours at a time. To do this go to "Bioplex" on the destinations. Then click the "Rx" sign. This takes you to the pharmacy where you can buy medicine for five clams. Remember though, you'll need to get more after two hours if you want it to stay away.

7. How can I become one of you?

By this they mean a Newbie/Y-mail Helper. A common misconception is that Y-mail Helpers and Newbie Helpers are separate things when in reality . . . they are the same thing. To be a Y-mail Helper go to "Y-mail Helper" at the bottom of the destinations bar. Scroll to the bottom of the page it brings you to and click the link that reads "here". It will take to you a page that checks if you fit the requirements. If you do, you take a test. Once you pass that test you become a Y-mail Helper. But REMEMBER the requirements are tough for beginners on Whyville so don't get frustrated and give up . . . work hard and soon you'll be one too! :)

8. How do I whisper?

Whispering is not as daunting a task as it is made out to be, I swear :D. To whisper, click on the avatar (face) of the person you would like to whisper to. A blue square will appear around their head, which means you're doing it correctly. After doing this, just type and hit enter like normal!

9. How can I write for the newspaper?

Lots of Newbies want to write for our lovely Times to become more of a part of Whyville but don't understand how. The process is a little confusing so I'll take you through it step-by-step. First, click on the newspaper on top of the bus. Underneath the words "The Whyville Times" is a purple bar with different links. Click on the link called "submit". This will take you to a page explaining what to do. Click "in this article" (it's highlighted and underlined) to learn a little more in depth what to do. You have to submit articles from your own email or your parents' email NOT your y-mail. Follow the directions from there and maybe next you'll see your article in the paper!

10. How do I become a tour guide?

If you are a new member of Whyville and have gotten a tour in the Welcome Lounge most likely the next thing you want to do is give tours. But wait! Why won't it work? Please remember there are requirements when it comes to being a tour guide. You need to be a Whyvillian for 20+ days, have a salary of 30 clams per day or more, and not have been punished for 30+ days. This ensures (hopefully) that all tour guides know what they're talking about. It's not fun for a Newbie to get a bad tour guide that know nothing about what they're talking about. So just wait. In no time you'll be able to guide other new Whyvillians around. To do this go to "Why House" on the Destinations Bar. Then click on the door labeled "Welcome Lounge". Follow the directions from there and . . . away you go!

Okay. Well obviously these aren't all the FAQ's but in my experience they are the most common. I'm guessing for each y-mail helper it's a little bit different but this covers the basics. Now hopefully this article will do it's job and help some people out. Maybe even you, the reader, even learned something you didn't know before.



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