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Does the Flu Shot Help Everyone?

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One day I went down to City Hall to get my flu shot. I had gotten one last year, in 2006, and I wasn't sick any that year. This year was different, a month after I had gotten my flu shot I logged onto Whyville and saw that I had yet again had those dumb zits, pox, or whatever you call them. I was mad. I haven't had the pox since I was new to Whyville and I had them AGAIN. I was confused.

I was walking around Whyville with my zits shining pinker than ever. I wore masks over my face and I finally figured out blush could cover them. I was happy until more kept coming. You could especially see them around my hair and in my bangs. These zits were making me very mad and frustrated.

Then something great happened . . . my sister went to the Bioplex because she was goofing around and playing hide and seek with some friends. She went into the Pharmacy and saw creams, pills, and other medications. She yelled for me and I ran to her computer. I was extremely excited. I logged on my account and went to the Pharmacy as fast as I could. I acted like they would disappear when I got there :D

I clicked on the cream because it was said to help my pox. The cream costs five clams and only lasts two hours, but I was like "I don't care I'll take it!!" I waited five minutes for it to load and I went to the Square to see my new, clean face. I was utterly amazed. This stuff works like Pro Active x) See for yourself.

I am now up at midnight researching my virus at the CDC. I found out that there were three people reporting diseases:

1st Person: Red spots on face out of no where
2nd Person: Red spots on face because she chatted with the first person
3rd Person: Sneezing not knowing the first or second person

The CDC workers believed that these were different viruses. This was weird. I had no idea, I thought the only disease out was the flu. I went into the BBS where other victims had posted their infections. Lots of people had said they were vaccinated as well, yet they are sneezing or scarred with these hideous zits. After reading this information in the CDC office. I decided to go back to the Pharmacy to look for more information on my special tube of "Holy Cream".

When I walked in I decided to see what Ellen, the pharmacist, had to say. Maybe she knew more about my infection! I clicked on her and was watching the words go by when I saw the best sentence I think I have ever seen.

I was like, "Oh my gosh, Ellen is my new hero in Whyville!" I was so excited, vaccines are on their way. For now I'm just going to put zit cream on every two hours . . . yeah right, I wonder how long that will last. Anyways, if you will notice the Snif B Gone, the Cof-Eze, and the special CREME. That's where you get the medication. The Pharmacy is located at the Bio Plex. Feel free to go and look around it will be worth-while. Good luck to everyone out there who is battling the same virus I am, I hope you get better!

This is sport06 signing off going to go buy another tube of my "Special Cream" Bye! x)


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