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Hot Hobbies: Coin Collecting

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Hi everyone. Some of you might know me as "that cow" or "Mr. Moo Cow". But none of you know me as "that cow that writes in the Times," so, I've decided to make that name appear in chat as well. So a lot of you probably read "Job of the Week" or "Whyvillian in the Spotlight" (both great articles by the way). Now, I am here to tell you about hobbies. For this week we will be talking about the hobby of coin collecting.

A lot of people do these hobbies. Unfortunately, I don't. But I will talk about them the best I can. Coins can be found in many places, and have different values. I once found a coin in a hole in my backyard from 1856, which was worth about $50. Now to me, it's worth $50. But to someone who has a coin collection and wants to complete it, it could be priceless.

Now, enough about me (even though that is a fascinating topic), we are going to get into the hard stuff. This is Wikipedia's definition of coin collecting. "Coin collecting is the collecting or trading of coins or other forms of legally minted currency. Frequently collected coins include those that were in circulation for only a brief time, minted with errors or especially beautiful or historically interesting pieces. Coin collecting can be differentiated from numismatics in that the latter is the study of currency, though both are obviously closely related."

Basically, what that means is it is about getting and trading coins, or other forms of money. Normally collected coins are the ones that were only used for a short period of time, which had errors or beautiful or historically interesting pieces. Coin collecting is different from the scientific study of currency, although both are kind of the same. Now I can put my dictionary away, and go find someone who wants to be interviewed about this hobby.

Ljjpz1: What inspired you to collect coins?
Lillypa17: Well, my dad first started collecting when I was a baby, then he stopped and started again when I was four, which is when I started because I thought it was cool.
Ljjpz1: So, Lilly, what type of coins do you collect?
Lillypa17: Quarters that have states on them.
Ljjpz1: Have you found any coins that were really valuable?
Lillypa17: No. Although I once found this 17th century nickel.

Thanks to Wikipedia and lillypa17 for this information. See you next week.


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