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"Does this make my butt look fat?" Ah the famous last words. Can jeans actually make your backside larger? I think not. And even if they did, why would it matter? You're only human.

I bet people are always asking you if their hair looks good, or if their eyeshadow looks too trashy? Or maybe you're on the other end? Sure, we all want to look good, nobody really goes around with messed up hair, or full face makeup. But there comes a point, where you realize perfection is not possible.

Do you really want to think you look good? Or do you want other people to make you look good? Ha. I admit it, I've wanted to look nice for someone. But you should set a limit. You don't want to be a people pleaser, a person who only worries about pleasing everyone else and doesn't even care if you like it.

Say this happens, you decide to be daring today. Striped pants? Oh em gee how hideous! But of course you like it, but your boyfriend, another story. You wouldn't be caught DEAD with those horizontal red and white stripped pants your Aunt Sally bought you for Christmas. Why is that? Because John said they were ugly. Okay, so they are ugly then. No I guess I can't wear them anymore because someone doesn't like them. So?

I believe if you worry about all this -- about looking good for someone -- that you will go into depression because someday you're not going to please everyone. You should just worry about satisfying yourself. I know this sounds ridiculous but I once knew a girl, who was like that, she even painted her clay pot in art class pink, and some girl she wanted to be fiends with said that pink was ugly and "who would put that on a pot?" So, of course she re-painted it blue and yeah . . . they never became friends. Oh darn! Better luck next time.

We live in a world where if you don't dress, act, smile, talk, look or think the same way you don't belong. So what do we do with such a hideous, stupid and insightful beast? Well, why don't we do what everyone else does? Let's just throw them in a closet so nobody can see them.


But then what happens to that guy who wanted to be different?

Does he die?

Does he make new friends with the other weirdos?

Or does he just live the rest of his life knowing he doesn't belong?

If you've answered B or C, you're a winner! (Unless winning isn't cool . . . wait . . . is it?) You go to school and people who act the same hang out together, correct? And the "outcasts" you call, know . . . no, they don't think, they know that they don't belong. They live the rest of their lives thinking that doing what they wanna do is "not cool".

Jee that's a bummer.

Maybe . . . maybe you should wear those awesomely hot pants tomorrow?



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