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A Scar Story

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Accidents. You've heard not to run with scissors. You've heard that eating too much candy gives you a stomach ache, or that you shouldn't swallow toothpaste, but have you ever really taken these simple words of advice and lived by them? Sure, everyone makes mistakes in their lives, but have they really affected you? Do you have to live with the consequences or does someone else? This is a story of my mistake, of a piece of advice I didn't take, and how it affected MY life. It all started with a glass.

"Alex, make sure you're careful with that glass! Glass breaks and cuts people!" my parents would say. As a young child I would simply shrug off this. Why would that matter? Why should I care? I wasn't ever going to be the person to get hurt. But boy, was I wrong. One day I just didn't listen. My 3 year old self just was super thirsty, that was no crime. I dashed through the kitchen, glass in hand, the counters were the only obstacles that interfered. I swooshed, barely missing a counter by inches. I sighed in relief and kept running, stumbling up into a run, then tripping into the floor. That was all I remember. My parents said that I almost lost my eye, the glass missing it by inches. I needed 20 stitches though to sew the wound, and a long white scar is left on my cheek for me to always remember to walk with glasses, to be careful of sharp objects, because ANYONE can get hurt. Two years later, I got another scar on my wrist from tripping onto a toolbox handle. I learned my final lesson after that.

Many people have scars, and I, by far, do not even have close to the most tragic story. People have been in car crashes, maybe even died. It's hard to get over a scar though when you are constantly asked what happened to your face, or why you have a scar. While, it really didn't used to bother me when people asked, it sure does now. I feel stupid and clumsy, and annoyed at myself for messing up my face at such a carefree and fun time of my life. When people ask, my heart fills with sorrow then plummets and breaks. It was MY fault. I feel like people won't like me, or will think I'm ugly. Sometimes I get ticked off and snap at them, or make up a lie, why should they know. It isn't their business, it's mine and I wish people would stop asking. I know many people with scar stories far more tragic than mine are more affected by this, it hurts your feelings! Soon I may try to get my scar taken off by plastic surgery, if all goes well, no one will be able to see it. The questions will cease.

This is Swimfrog3, going to take a long shower


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