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The Ads Are Taking Over!

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Look around us. Almost everywhere you travel on Whyville, there's an ad. They pop up everywhere! Do you think it's influencing our young Whyvillians on getting education? No. That's what I think anyway. I don't believe there should be these kinds of ads. The older ones were fine, but not some of these new ones! I know Whyville has to have some kind of ads to keep running, but shouldn't they be more appropriate? This article is influenced by one that was written by tfklover. Hey, this is Nateenka, signing in!

Nateenka: What do you think of the ads around Whyville?

kfrorkim: I think they're a bit annoying so I turn them off, but usually I ignore them when they show anyway. Whyville needs them for the money so it's okay.
xo7JoA7ox: I don't really pay attention to the ads that much, they don't influence me. I've noticed that at first the ads were aimed at a younger audience, like for Girl Next. Now I see an ad on this page for a reunion site. I find them kind of annoying as well.
Vancyon: The only one that I've seen people say is bad is the military-band one, but even that isn't that bad, the thought isn't going to affect teenagers, and the thought is to temporary for tweens or younger. Besides, what bad parents to let their children join the military - WHAT A BAD MILITARY, to accept them ;) Way off-topic.
PhyscoGrl: I don't really think anything of them. They are just there.

Nateenka: Are they too mature for younger Whyvillians? Why?

kfrorkim: I think the slaughter of wolves one may be too mature. Why would you want kids to think of dying animals?
xo7JoA7ox: Well none of the ads in my opinion are inappropriate, some may just not influence the younger Whyvillians. I think some of them however, like the army one, are a little bit too mature for younger Whyvillians.
Vancyon: No, no, NO! I've seen far worse. The thoughts are probably too temporary anyway, as the younger Whyvillians usually have a lot on their minds . . . I think? Anyway, I don't think so.
PhyscoGrl: Not really. They aren't supporting anything bad in them, so they are fine.

Nateenka: Should there be these kinds of ads around? Why?

kfrorkim: Like I said earlier Whyville needs them what else could they do instead? We have enough chat rooms so we need ads so they can keep the site running.
xo7JoA7ox: No. First of all, what kind of Whyvillian is going to want to go to some reunion site? And if they do go on it, is it appropriate for them to be doing so?
Vancyon: Sure . . . they're making Whyville money, and they're not really bad compared to the "HIT BUSH AND WIN A FREE IPOD JUST FILL IN YOUR ADDRESS" *No Prize ads. I've been on another kids website and have seen FAR WORSE. :P
PhyscoGrl: I don't think it really matters. As long as they are adds that discourage kids from doing bad things.

Nateenka: Should City Hall take away the ads and make Whyville a better place? Why?

kfrorkim: The last time I've checked there's the option in "Info & Preferences" to turn off advertisements so you can just do that yourself. Ads don't make Whyville a bad place they help Whyville stay existent.
xo7JoA7ox: If the ads are paid ads, then they have reason to be there. If they aren't benefiting Whyville in any way, I think they should be removed.
Vancyon: Who put City Hall in charge? She's now in charge of the ads? SINCE WHEN? Oh, sorry. Haha, if THEY can find better ones, I guess those City Workers in charge of the ads *Cough* Not City Hall *Cough* could replace them, but please not the dude mail, I have so much fun with that ;)
PhyscoGrl: If City Hall took the adds away it wouldn't make much of a difference. They just take up space.

There you have it. I was surprised by the answers I got. Well, maybe not so surprised. What I would consider is maybe taking the inappropriate ads away, say the army one, and replace it with a more appropriate one. There are young Whyvillians here too, you know. If Whyville isn't getting any benefit from these ads, they must be taken away, I believe. Otherwise, they're fine. Still, I believe that the young and not so mature (I don't want to call them immature) Whyvillians aren't learning from these ads around Whyville.

Thank you to all my interviewee's. This is Nateenka, signing off. ;)


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