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Whyville Skateboarder

Hey everyone cy0sk8/sk8er101 again. I am here to talk to you today about something that really makes me mad. Skateboarding! No, no, no, I love skateboarding but, it's hard to believe that tons of people don't!!

I really love to skateboard. So I always love to go out skateboarding. But usually where ever I go to skateboard there are signs that say "No Skateboarding" or something like that. But never in my life have I seen a sign that says no roller blading.

I have to admit I do skateboard where it says "No Skateboarding" but, god, it's like we are criminals or something. And we have one, just ONE skatepark where I live, and it's halfway across town! So I can't go there. The driveway of my house is very limited, so I have to go somewhere to skateboard.

I'm gonna go now, but always remember SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME, and for those or you who think it is can go to he... Woops, I almost let it slip.



Party Organizer

Hey this is Spartans, announcing the "Kid Funky Fry Fest". This is a Kid Funky Fry party with free sample parts, give-aways, and a big beauty contest for a prize of 500 clams, and one of every Kid Funky Fry product until December 2001. This will be on Saturday, October 27, in the disco at 4pm. Anybody interested, please Why-mail Spartans.

*(minimum of 15 contestants in beauty contest)



Concerned Citizen

Hey, my name's Daniel, and I'm here to talk about something very, very, very serious... Gangs on Whyville! There are many gangs on Whyville, like the kingdom gang. (Wqueen, Wprincejr, whyking, whyjester, whypriest, whypope? and many more.) To be honest, I think these gangs are terrible for Whyvillians. It's bad for kids, because when they grow up they're going to remember this stuff!

If we have gangs, Whyvillians may want to be in gangs in real life. Whyville might be making someone a juvenile delinquent. Whyville should try to ban all gangs, maybe Whyville could ban all gang members, or at least warn them.

Thanks for listening, Daniel



Investigative Reporter

Hey, everyone. I'm here with a special report. Have you ever opened up your mailbox in Whyville to find a message with the title, "New Pyramid! Make cash!" and wondered what a pyramid is, and does it work?

Well, here's the facts. Yeah, a pyramid can work, and you probably could make a lot of clams. The bad news is, in real life, pyramids are illegal. Pyramids should also be banned in Whyville, I think. It's not a legitimate way to make clams.

As more and more pyramids pop up in Whyville, you should know not to join them by now! Also, go to info and preferences and block out the word pyramid. It will help if someone is advertising a pyramid where you're chatting.

That's the news for now, more news later. Play safe!




Almost every day I would come on Whyville and chat with friends. Then, when Grandma made a complaint, I decided to send her things so more Whyvillians can get more stuff. If anyone was wondering about those 1 clam orange sweatshirts, I bought about 200, so that is why they sold out. I bet the person who created the orange sweatshirt must be rich. I just today bought 100 very nice earings; they won't last long! I love to give instead of take; I love to help newbies.

Ever since I saw that article about grandma complaining. I couldn't believe it. So I bought wings to help people, and I bought over 116 sweaters. Flowers, a Gap Sweater, and some Tank Tops. I bought them all from Akbar's. Just to help Grandma, I will buy more sweaters and more. I hope I can give more than 1,000 donations to help our needy Whyvillians so Grandma doesn't complain!

I will also send 10 clams to any people whose salary is under 15 clams. Please Why-mail me: go to city records, click on Hottie654 (with a capitol H), and then mail me saying, "I need 10 clams", or anything related. Or if you see me in Whyville just ask me. Before I give the clams I will go onto City Records and see what your salary is; if you lied, you get nothing.

I Love To Give To Newbies!



Trivia Master

Hey all you Whyville peeps!

I'm back with another trivia question! Sorry, I couldn't make it any sooner. I was moving and I couldn't be on the Internet at all. Anyway, this week's trivia is pretty hard. So, I'm giving 1000 clams away again! OK... The Last question was...

    Can you guess the thing I'm talking about? The maker does not need it. The buyer does not use it. The owner cannot see it.

The answer was... A coffin/casket! A lot of people answered this question correctly. But, I cannot reveal the people who got the answer right. My Mom "accidentally" put the paper in the trash. But, you know who you are. So congratulate yourself. Our winner, however, will get recognized. Her name is ... Googles!!

She won a bunch of projectiles! Even the ones that were sold out. Anyway, our next question is...

    What are the two next letters in the sequence?
    A E F H I K L M ???

Remember to ymail me with the answer. K? Good luck!!




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