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Phonyfunny: The Bank Robbery!

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Bankinter is a place of happiness. You can put your money into Bankinter and get interest back. More clams than you started with. That is obviously something to be happy about. Bankinter has been a happy place since it came out! Everyone loved to watch their funds grow and grow. Some even hung out at Bankinter.

Today, this happiness was interrupted. This morning, two people decided to rob Bankinter because they "didn't like the bank" and because they owed money. Their names will not be released, due to the "Whyvillian Protection Laws" passed a few weeks ago by City Hall after my article about the Simon Says Cheater. I can, of course, show you a mugshot that was found in one of the criminal's pockets. It shows them preparing to strike.

Back to the robbery, it happened this morning. I was at Bankinter studying the building and why some of it appears to be outside. I just so happened to have my camera with me. I got all of the pictures right here.

The mood's about to get brighter in this article, because guess what -- there are PICTURES! Our first picture shows me and some other citizens cheering because of how good it was at Bankinter and telling each other what we were going to do while we were there. It seemed so cheery before the criminals struck. Thank goodness we caught th-- I have went too far. Anyway, here is the first picture:

After that, the bank robbers came. We were so scared! Even the guy at the desk was!

The crooks threatened to throw mud balls at us! I had no choice but to back up. One of the people escaped to the Bankinter Lounge -- lucky them. But we had no such luck

They threw mudballs at us ANYWAY! How rude!

After, the main robber claimed she would hurt Elmo if we didn't hand over the money! Oh no! I was in a pinch, so I did the thing any great mind would do -- get other people to stand up to the criminals.

They took charge! And I didn't have to do anything! They took off their disguise and found out who they really were.

They were shocked! Just because you don't have clams, doesn't mean you should steal! After this, the Why Cops arrived and covered them with tape for 7 days. 7 WHOLE DAYS. They won't be robbing again anytime soon.

This has been Ps2man1 with PhonyFunny Reports. Tune in next week to see the Paramedic Crew of Whyville!


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