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Job of the Week: Unusual Jobs

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Hey Whyville! This will be the last article in the series, so I've dedicated the whole thing to strange unusual jobs you've probably never heard of. I thought it would be fun to learn about jobs you don't know about. They may be weird, but somebody has to do them!

Wrinkle Chaser:

I can bet you've never heard of a wrinkle chaser. Have you ever gotten new shoes and after a while get a crease in them near the front? A wrinkle chasers job is iron out that part and other parts of the shoe so that doesn't happen before they get to the store. Thank wrinkle chasers for not having wrinkles in your shoe!

Furniture Tester:

Do you ever wish you could get paid to lie on your couch? Well now you can! Furniture testers try out all kinds of furniture to make sure it's nice and comfy for everyone else who buys it. That's one lazy worker!

Gum Buster:

A gum buster is a pretty weird job that I don't think I would enjoy. Do you ever sit down at a table or bench and feel gum underneath? Well these guys go around and scrape gum off tables and chairs everywhere. You may not appreciate people who stick their gum everywhere, but I'm sure gum busters do.

Golf Ball Diver:

People everywhere who golf can probably say they've hit a few balls into the water. But have you ever wondered what happens to those golf balls? Golf ball divers scuba dive into the deep (ok so not really the deep but that made it sound interesting), and collect all the balls that have been hit in.

Laughter Therapist:

This is not your ordinary therapist! They help patients to lighten up and laugh a little, because laughter is good for you. It's proven that laughter can boost your immune system and prevent signs of aging, and of course get rid of stress. This is a great job for someone who loves to laugh!

These were some strange jobs, and fun to research. I hope you liked my last Job of the Week.



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