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Dear Readers: You can stop asking now, Kaila's back.

Yeah, officially, I am. This isn't one of those articles that I wrote in the middle of my break about my life or anything, this is really me saying that I'm back, officially, until I would need another break.

I want to thank everyone who sent me mail before and even over the break telling me that they would miss the articles that I wrote or telling me that I was one of their favorite writers. Seriously, you guys, all of those made my day. I like feeling accepted, and that made me feel great.

In this article, I'm going to play catch up and tell you everything that happened over the month that I was gone. I think I remember telling you what I wanted to accomplish over the break and I think that I accomplished the majority of them.

Bringing up my grades has been seriously tough. I did, however, get an 85 on the math final, which I am extremely excited about, considering no one in Honors Algebra II got an A. On the other hand, I still don't know about any of my classes and history and biology worry me the most. I'll know on Friday, so wish me luck!

Remember this: "I haven't been grounded in a while, so I'll be able to get my driver's permit pretty soon." Sure you do; it was in the "Farewell Blue" article! My dad told me on Monday that since my grades were good (haha, yeah . . .) and that I hadn't been grounded since September or October I am getting my permit in . . . February! Finally, I'll be able to drive with either my mom or dad in the car before midnight! Just after I pass the test . . .

I remember how bad I felt when I said that I hadn't spent any time with my best friend in that article. I've started hanging out with her, along with tons of other people, a lot more. I've spent the night at someone's house almost every Friday, had my friends over during the week to play my new Wii and went to see Juno last night with so many people we took up an entire row in the movie theater. (:

Finally, the part in which (I'm sure), everyone's been waiting for. Updates on the Matt/Becca/Kaila triangle thing since "I Will Not Become a Jealous Fool" was published. I love how some of you (cough -- shane -- cough) said that Matt and Becca's relationship wouldn't last and in a month he would come crawling back to me. So far . . . not so good. I can truthfully say that I'm so happy that she isn't in my Video Broadcasting class, because Matt is, too, and I don't think I would be able to stand it for long. Interestingly enough, he still stares at me with this face like "I'm-about-to-drool-over-this-girl-but-WAIT!-I-have-a-girlfriend!" I laugh about that and he smiles at me and it's just so darn cute. For those of you that have heard every Matt story blow by blow, you know that I have problems with looking at the guys that I like when they're looking at me. I've learned to control it though and I'm not so nervous anymore. In fact, on Friday, we had a conversation about the Darwin Awards and getting your head cut off by a truck. Yeah, we really did.

Other than that, nothing else is really happening in my life. I'm going to the Silverstein concert on February 29th and Warped Tour over the summer; I know those for a fact. I'm having a huge party in August when I turn sixteen. I sit next to all of my friends in Spanish class. I have a list of about 15 movies that I need to see. I've started working on my "bucket list" too.

I can say that my life is where I want it right now. I'm fifteen and I have probably one of the luckiest lives of all of my friends. (Who else's parents say that they can have a Sweet Sixteen party that is as big as the ones on MTV, minus the bratty attitude?) Therefore, I'm back and writing (probably not with the mad skillz that I had last year), but I'm going to try and have an article in every edition like I did previously.

This is Kaila, going to go call Rachel . . . (Coming out of Minnesota, I could see the stars are falling out of line . . .)

Author's Note: I'll write "A to Z" this week and hopefully I'll have it in next week's edition. Now I just need to remember what letter I left off on . . .


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