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What's Whyville Trying to Do?

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What's Whyville Trying to Do?

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Hey all Whyvillians! This is LilFlower, as you know, and I am here to talk to you about what Whyville is trying to teach us and what they want us to get out of this site! I don't know if anyone else knows what this site is meant for, but if you don't, listen carefully!

I think that Whyville is for fun, of course, and for meeting new people. But it is also here to teach responsibility and to teach us about the real world and what is going on! You see, we play games to raise salary, and once we log on, we get our money's worth, and that is what grown ups have to do in real life, except they don't play games, they have to work, but it still teaches us how to be responsible and how to take care of things like that.

It also has things like the adoption thing that people made up. People have been taking that as a joke, but that is ok, for it isn't for real, thank goodness, because I have seen some people with at least 50 kids! lol!

And if you haven't realized by now (where have you been?), a lot of people have been getting "married". This isn't the stuff I have really been noticing as the real world, actually. The real world stuff is more like the fact that some kids come on here to get away from mean people, and even Whyville is still a place where kids make fun of other kids. Especially if you are not as pretty or cute or popular or rich as they are. That's the thing I see most in the real world and the Whyville world.

I also think it is like "The Real World" because you have to get plots of land and build a house. And now people even want JOBS! I my self think it would be neat to have a cafe and people to work there and get a small pay!

(OKAY! SO THIS ISNT THE BEST ARTICLE, PEOPLE!) I just don't know how to say my point of view! But aren't you all catching on by now? The real world has been put into Whyville to teach people RESPONSIBILITY! So why are people out there wasting their time begging, when they could be responsible and work up their salary so that they don't have to beg!

And you people who say "Anyone single?" every minute while they are on Whyville, you could be responsible and get to KNOW someone instead of ask if they are single all the time. Let me ask you this, why would you want to be someone's boyfriend or girlfriend if you don't even have a clue who they are!?

Okay enough about that, back to my article, well, I don't have any more things to say about "The Meaning of Whyville"... lol. Keep all of this in mind, and don't forget to tell City Hall and the rest of the Whyville workers thanks for all the responsibility they are teaching us! WOW! Well, thanks Whyville, keep up the good work!!!

Okay, well, I know this isn't the greatest article, but didn't you learn something from all of this?? I hope so! Well, see you all later.

Dis is me signing off... Oh come off it, let me sign off... okay... signing off... wait a minute... not signed off... THERE WE GO!

This is LilFLower... Signed off.... :)



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