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Hello everyone. Last week I had some posts from the BBS that I should do more authors at a time. I believe they were right and that's what I will do. Instead of writing just about one author, I will do two. If I can find them! Oh, ok. I got some, and here they are. Hello, this is Nateenka, signing in.

The two authors I chose to do today are different. One has their last name spelled with a B in the beginning and the other one doesn't. The two authors are Natalie Babbitt and Barbara Park.

Natalie Babbitt was born in Dayton Ohio. She grew up reading fairytale stories and illustrating. Her mother was an artist and taught Natalie how to paint and draw. Natalie's mother also supplied her with paper, paints, and pencils. She was quite happy. That's when the idea came to her. She could be an illustrator when she grew up! She loved the idea. She loved to read, and loved to draw. Perfect, she could work for anyone. At any time she thought. To her, it was a magnificent idea.

When she grew up and after she finished school, Natalie went on to work with her new husband, Samuel. Samuel was an academic administrator and loved Natalie very much. As time went on, they decided they should attempt to create a children's book. "The Forty-Ninth Magician" was the book. Natalie and Samuel were delighted. Their first ever book to be published, for children. Then they had 3 children. Christopher, Tom and Lucy were their children. Christopher was the oldest of the three.

After her husband got a new job as the first president of Kirkland College, Natalie had no writer to illustrate for. Natalie thought, and thought, and said that she should make her own book. She did that. "Dick Foote and the Shark" and "Pheobe's Revolt" were Natalie's first ever books. She loved them so. When growing up, she never thought that she would actually write instead of illustrate. But as time went on, Natalie did illustrate many people's books.

This is one of her books I am currently reading. Natalie drew the picture on the cover. And wrote the book.

Barbara Park has a series of books. She writes "Junie B. Jones". I used to like them, but they're too young as an age for me now. :)

Barbara Park was raised in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey in 1947. Her parents had a job as a merchant and a secretary. Her mother was a secretary and her father was a merchant. When she grew up, she married Richard Park in 1969. Her first book was "Operation: Dump the Chump" in 1979. She was successful with her books. She did write many but the most common book people know about, is "Junie B. Jones" which is a series of books for younger children.

Barbara did grow up liking books. As she's aged she hasn't been writing as many books as when she was younger. Right now, she has two sons that are both out of college. They are Stephen and David.

This is a book cover of "Junie B. Jones". Looks interesting, don't you think? Ha ha.

Well, this is the end. I hope you think this is better than my last one. Sorry about Natalie Babbitt having most of the attention. I had found more information about her than Barbara Park. Remember to tune in next week for "Favorite Authors: C"! This is Nateenka, signing off. :)

Author's Note: Sources: www.ipl.org/div/askauthor/babbitt.html.com, www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Park


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