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Four Big Questions

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Four Big Questions

Guest Writer

Hello! This is Hi2u2, and I've Interviewed the MOST important people of Whyville... without them, we wouldn't have our beloved Times or anything, so READ CAREFULLY, IT'S INTERESTING! ;) I interviewed City Management!!!! Please read the following Q & A!

QUESTION #1: What gave you the idea to construct our city we call Whyville?

We gave ourselves the idea the build this city. Some of our city workers (well, they weren't city workers then...) were just sitting around and talking one day. At first we were talking about building an activity that allowed people to make a small model of their real life house on the Internet. We thought that would be a fun activity for learning about scaling. And we just went from that to thinking how cool it would be if there's a whole city where citizens built their own houses and earned money.

QUESTION #2: If there was anything you would change to our town what would it be and why?

The thing I like least about Whyville is how long it takes to build new things just because we don't have enough funding to hire more workers. If I could do it over, I'd give a lot more thought to how we can earn real dollars so that we would be able to do all those things that Whyvillians want in the city, like a bank, a beach, a restaurant, etc.

QUESTION #3: I've noticed myself that there are many disbehaving citizens. What do you think about their behaviors?

Mostly, the citizens of Whyville really behave very very well! It might not seem so, but much fewer than 1% of the chat phrases on Whyville are inappropriate. That doesn't mean we should just relax though. It's really important that we are all on our best behavior. What many people don't understand is that inappropriate language on Whyville can get our site shut down. Imagine our potential sponsors and investors coming on to visit one day. If they saw all sorts of nasty words and such, do you think they would give us money? Imagine parents coming on to visit one day and seeing all sorts of inappropriate behavior. Would they still let their kids come on? Without money and without citizens, that would be the end of Whyville!!

QUESTION #4 Some people think the WARNING tool is very useless because the people you warn just warn you back. What do you think about the citizens who think that?

I think it is a good point. The warn tool needs some improvement. People don't really use it correctly. We are thinking about limiting the number of warns you have. Perhaps only 3 per day? That way citizens might think more carefully before using them.


Hey, people! If you've reached this point, Thanks For Reading! ;) If you didn't, that's okay. :)

I enjoyed talking to City Management and I hope they enjoyed it, too. :)

I'M FULL OF SMILEYS!! :):):):):):)


Signing off....



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