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A to Z: Soundtrack Special

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I obsessed with movies and music. Specially, good movies and good music. When you put those together, you get a soundtrack and there's always the soundtrack that's stuck in your head for days at a time. Soundtracks, I mean, who doesn't love them? Sure, there's that one sound on that movie that you can't stand, but eventually it grows on you. Then it's added to the "Reasons Why I Need to Go to Target Right Now" list that's growing in my mind.

I'm going to spin-off of the A to Z for a minute, err, week. In fact, I'll probably have a spin-off every couple of weeks. Well, let's dive into the fabulous world of soundtracks.


I recently watched Hairspray for the first time about a week ago, and I have to say, I liked it. While I lost all respect for John Travolta because he played a woman and I preferred him as a man in Grease (but we'll get to that later), the soundtrack is just amazing. Most of you know that I can't stand Zac Efron, but I can proudly say that some of the songs that he sings are ones that I can actually stand! If you don't want to buy the whole CD and would rather buy a few songs from iTunes, try "The New Girl in Town", "Welcome to the 60's", "Ladies Choice" or "You Can't Stop the Beat".


The most hilarious movie has one of the best soundtracks (in my opinion). The movie has three of my favorite actors in it: Will Ferrell (my favorite), Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. The soundtrack is mainly stuff from the 70's and 80's, but it's still phenomenal. Try listening to "Relax" (the version by Frankie Goes to Hollywood), "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" or "Love to Love You Baby".


A fairly new movie, but still one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Bleeker is someone who would be my best friend and Juno would be someone that I would think is absolutely dumb but would admire from afar (minus the pregnancy). Plus, the soundtrack rocks the socks off any other soundtrack I've heard in my life. It's opened up a whole new window of music, ahem, The Moldy Peaches, with their song "Anyone Else But You", especially the Juno & Bleeker version. In fact, it's what I'm listening to as I write this. "All I Want Is You" is another good song, too.

High School Musical 1 & 2

I would be yelled at by someone if I didn't include them, but I like some of the songs from both of the movies. Especially "Fabulous"! Haha, it's like story of my life! Not really, but I wish. It's just so much fun to sing and everything . . . Anyway, I had to sing "We're All in This Together" and "Breaking Free" for chorus in 8th grade, so I'm slightly still annoyed with them (two years later), but I still like "Breaking Free".


John Travolta was actually playing a man! Yes! Along with Olivia Newton John, they make one of the best soundtracks in soundtrack history. Yeah, I had to sing Grease songs in chorus, only in 7th grade this time. Personally, I like "You're the One That I Want" and "Hopelessly Devoted to You". "Hopelessly Devoted" is also a popular song to remake, and bands such as Play have remade them on their first album.

Make Your Own Soundtrack!

There's this really fun 'quiz' going around MySpace and Facebook called "Soundtrack of Your Life". There are about twenty thousand versions of this, and you can make up your own, too. But this version is my favorite, so I'll use this one. Basically, you put your entire music library on shuffle and write down the first song that plays in the category. Sometimes the song actually has something to do with the category (Look at my Dreaming About Someone Scene!) Here is mine:

Opening Credits: "Worse than a Fairytale", Drop Dead Gorgeous
Waking Up Scene: "Divine Intervention", Taking Back Sunday
Car Driving Scene: "Waiting", The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Lawn Mowing Scene: "We Got the Party", Hannah Montana & The Jonas Brothers
High School Flashback Scene: "Slowdance on the Inside", Taking Back Sunday
Nostalgic Scene: "The Future Freaks Me Out", Motion City Soundtrack
Bitter, Angry Scene: "Newport Living", Cute is What We Aim For
Break-up Scene: "Bada Bing! Wit a Pipe!", Four Year Strong
Regret Scene: "Found a Way" (acoustic), Drake Bell
Nightclub/Bar Scene: "This is Who We Are", Hawthorne Heights
Fight/Action Scene: "Minnesota", The Color Fred
Sad, breakdown Scene: "Cyclone", Baby Bash Featuring T-Pain
Dreaming About Someone Scene: "Still Dreaming", Silverstein
Contemplation Scene: "Vanity and Greed", Silverstein
Chase Scene: "Exceptions", Juno Soundtrack
Happy Love Scene: "Dance, Dance", Fall Out Boy
Happy Friend Scene: "Beast and the Harlot", Avenged Sevenfold
Death Scene: "The Red Dress", Motion City Soundtrack
Funeral Scene: "My Band", D12
Closing Credits: "Dirty Little Secret", The All-American Rejects

Well, Whyvillians, that's all for this week's A to Z, even though it wasn't technically an A to Z . . . Oh well. Next week, I'll be back with 'E'! Remember to send me suggestions for 'E' only, or else I'll be left to make sense of the only 2 'E's that are in my music library. (:

This is Kaila, going outside in the snow for the first time in five years!
(Let me see you put your hands on the stereo, it's spitting out ridiculous frequency . . .)

P.S.: Thank you Christa for saying that this series was your favorite article in your WITS last week. I love you! (:


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