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The Kingdomship Club

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The Kingdomship Club

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Hey! This is me again! Astro25. ^_^ I'm really not too big on interviewing people but I felt that it was necessary to find out about the Kingdomship Club.

I'm not sure if any of you people noticed but there are civilians out there calling themselves part of a Kingdomship Club. You can really notice these people because their names start with Why and end with something medival: for example, the leaders of this group, WhyPrince and WhyKing. These two oldies started this club of ancient European pasts.

In the past, these two started many other clubs, but none were much as a success as the Kingdomship Club. The group really has no purpose but just to have fun. The Kingdomship has its great craftsman, WhyKing, making several face parts a day. Today, he made about over 30. They make these "unsellable" items only for their own club members. It's not really selfish, they say, but more of an issue of Club Pride.

WhyPrince has told me that there are 33+ people in the group and they keep a list of each and keep accounts on all of them. WhyPrince and WhyKing created their own accounts and give the others away to new members. Each account starts with a Rosie and a 25 clam salary. Also, many of you have noticed the crown on the WhyKing's head from Prom Night of 2000, won by Dodge2000, I think. Or it could have been 11. Anyway, WhyKing said he'd like to add the fact that he kinda took that crown from the Prom King. Don't feel too bad, though, the guy doesn't go on anymore. I'm one of the last Oldies here. V.V.

Editor's Note: FYI, 11 was Prom King.

But back onto the subject: "Behold, I am the one you shall bow down to and I shall treat you like a pheasant." This is a quote from WhyKing on his Index page. Little does he realize a pheasant is a bird. Or at least I think it is. I should be peasant right? Yea, I think it is. I'm too lazy to reach for the dictionary. ^_^ Okay. I'm losing it again.

WhyPrince would also like to add that if any of his club members defy them and turn against them, their punishment is that their Kingdomship account will be taken away by the parental E-Mail Address. That or they would have to apologize.

"To da Kingdomship Guild; there r alot of imposters popping up, plz wear ur unsellabols in ur royal accounts, those of u who have accounts dat start wiff Y should only use those as clam harvest accounts 4 obviious reasons (copycat use Y, royals use W in der names afta all its Whyville not Yville) :)" This is another quote from the Index for WhyPrince.

"If anyone wants to join, y-mail me for more info"

Also, if you want to join, WhyKing has told me you must fit the proper catagory. Don't feel bad, I think it means, you have to respect WhyKing and WhyPrince and all the other Kingdomship Members. ^_^

Once again, I have to go throw my cat out the window! This is Astro25! C ya!



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