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Unwrapping the Soapy Show: Part Two

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Yo, yo, yo! Welcome to the last portion of "Unwrapping the Soapy Show." After this very article, all the hype, shows, and information on SUDS will be but a mere memory. Now, as I promised, this week I will be discussing HOW the City Workers altered all of Whyville. Yet -- there IS a twist . . .

You see, I was in my geometry class as my teacher uttered the most dreadful words a geometry teacher could say, "Pop quiz!" I scurried over to my desk and looked through my backpack to find a pencil . . . no pencil! I was literally tearing my backpack apart to find just a measly pencil. I did not find a pencil, but I DID find something of more value. Can I get a drum roll? Can I get a really loud drum roll? While you're at it, can I also get a pencil and a donut? Oh-uh, where were we? Oh yeah, a drum roll. (Start drumming your lap right now for dramatic effect.)

I found, *clears throat*, LOVEDYED'S DIARY! How I got it in my backpack? That's beyond me, but what matters is that I have her diary decked out with her PERSONAL words, diagrams, and pictures. So let's do this thangthang . . .

This next portion is from Lovedyed's diary:

Dear Diary,

UGH! Make that a DOUBLE UGH! No, a TRIPLE UGH! I cannot even fathom what goes on in these children's heads. Inappropriate behavior? Disgusting language? Destruction to property? Abusing Whyville as we know it? I slave over a hot computer all day for what? Oh diary, don't give me that look, I am NOT nagging -- not at all -- maybe a little, but can you blame me? These dumb little kids make my job miserable after all I have done. Trust me, I am not the ONLY one who thinks this way; all the City Workers are getting fed up. We think it is time to take charge and get revenge; cold, sweet revenge. All we need is an opportunity and opportunity is what we'll get!


P.S. Mark was wearing the cutest turtle neck today, pale blue is a great color for him!

Dear Diary,

I have it all figured out! All of it! From beginning to end -- no flaws, no strings attached. Mark even helped me draw it out:

Yes, yes, I know -- I am an AMAZING artist! Anyway . . .

1)We wait for an opportunity for a Whyvillian to want or wish for something to happen to Whyville, that's when we strike and alter all of Whyville while they are left thinking it is all their fault as they are super confused!
2) We find four (my favorite number) other Whyvillians that will stir up drama and complications to add on the stress!
3) We will throw multiple obstacles, even clues, for them so they will try to figure them out, when in reality, it'll just boil their little minds!
4) We meet the Whyvillians, as they are stunned at seeing this result, we will torture them and then banish their accounts, thus making us happy!

We still have to work out the kinks but all in all, I cannot wait to get started!

Now exiting the diary.

Unfortunately, the rest of the diary was mysteriously ripped out, so who knows what could have happened. Did the plan change at all? How did they go about doing this plan? Did Mark and Lovedyed ever have a relationship? What was the City Workers' side of the story?

Some things were meant to be left a mystery.

Ushersg here, mysteriously saying DUN to the DUN DUN when there is nothing left to say . . .


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