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The Sunroof Notes

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I was just spending my peaceful day at the sunroof. I was chatting and something caught my eye different than it has ever caught my eye before. It was as if it was written in bold letters above me that said "Read it." I mean BOLD letters.

My friends had all left because they were scared. I was all alone. I was scared. So I guess, I guess, I just clicked it. All of a sudden, the Sun Roof wasn't there anymore. A document of Word Pad came up. I started reading the letter. I was so in to it. Like it's not very often you find a hidden letter that was only meant for you to read.

It looked like nothing, and it was just something like a joke. So I continued my day on the oh so exciting Whyville. Until I was at Planeworks and something weird happened -- I was flooded. This was weird though. I clicked the Refresh button like I usually do but then I went to another note. This one wasn't from Superid though. It was from City Hall.

It is a holiday for 50? Maybe it means Holiday50! Well what about her? I guess she is supposed to be a army member. Well maybe she is just going to be the best army member ever! Okay, let's not get carried away. Wait how did he know my name? Well does this mean I have to have a battle? So many questions . . . so little time to save Whyville!

I went back to the Sun Roof, and just sat there. I might have or maybe not chatted a little more. Then she came in. It was Amyblair! Again it was something. She just stood out. Same as it told me to read the notes. I asked her if she could help me fight off the horrible computers in a fight, or whatever will happen.

I mailed her and she said yes. She was glad to help. So was Holiday50, but I still needed more people. I stayed at the Sun Roof. I was searching for prey. Yes, I am very hungry (say it in an evil voice!)

Oldtime came in. I asked if she could help me she said no in my face and left. I found her in the Trading Post and I asked but left before she could answer me. I wasn't in the mood to get a virtual yelling.

I surely hope Jess(holiday50) will be on when the horrible computers attack Whyville.

Well right now they haven't attacked so I guess I am safe and so are my friends in Whyville.

Signing out until my fight,
This is Rairai21.

Author's Note: I am looking for a good army. Please mail if you are interested and what time zone you live in. That would make it easier if I know so I can plan accordingly.


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