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Phonyfunny: Yellow's Anatomy (Part 1)

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The other day, it came to my attention in a BBS post that there was such a group as "The Whyville Paramedics". They are not a well known group. In fact, less than twenty people have heard of them! These doctors are the only ones that can diagnose Whyville citizens with diseases, unlike the Nutrition Center doctor who can only tell what nutrients or vitamins that you are lacking.

I was very interested by this group. When I first heard of them, I thought it was amazing that they would take their time to help the citizens of Whyville and applauded to myself because of their accomplishments. They are traveling doctors, riding in Dr. Yellow's (the head doctor's) scion, scouting patients from outside of the scion's window. Although they fight at times, I still admire their work!

They also take screenshots so they can remember all that they have done. They call their screenshot show "Yellow's Anatomy". I'll let you see an episode!

Oh no! A cliffhanger! I hate them! So many questions are left unasked and unanswered! Why is the 'late' "Chronic Newbie Disorder" patient acting as an air freshener? Will the rebel girl live to see daylight again? Why did that Oldbie snap and leave so easily? Will Dr. Pretty Girl come back to the series? Why is Dr. Deriko wearing more medals than is the provincial limitation? WHY AM I ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS?!

You'll have to find out next week on the second edition of the two-part series "Yellow's Anatomy". I hope Dr. Yellow, Dr. Rox, Dr. Deriko, and Dr. Pretty Girl had you on the edge of your seat the whole time!

Thanks for reading, this has been Ps2man1. *click!*

Dr. Yellow -- Ps2man1
Dr. Deriko -- Deriko
Dr. Rox -- Rochrox
Dr. Pretty Girl -- Vancyon
Oldbie -- Amanda
Newbie -- Morgan612
Rebel Girl -- Zyrca. (also thanks to Zyrca for thinking up some of the lines!)


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