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The Bird of Whyville: Part 2

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*big manly voice says* Last time on "The Bird of Whyville" we discovered a stuttering bird, smelly fish, and a mysterious book in the Bird's City Records. Will msof57 figure out who this bird is or fail miserably?

Yeah, yeah, thanks for the encouragement Jim?

Like Jim said, last week I went to the Bird's City Records and clicked on the book. Shockingly, the book of the bird wasn't even a real book. No! It was a scrapbook of the Bird's past!

As I read the scrapbook it stopped abruptly when Bird turned 18. Hidden in the pages of the scrapbook was this:

So who EXACTLY is this mysterious person, hmm? For the bajillionth time something smelled fishy to me, and no, it wasn't the rotten tuna stinking in my pocket. First of all, who wears a BLACK mustache with a PINK frilly mask? Someone with a fashion disaster that's who!

And I also found this VERY blurry photograph with it.

So what did marvelous me do? I put it in the computer and took out the blurs and THIS is what came up . . .

Whoever the stranger was . . . MADE Bird stay on Whyville using his (or her . . .) evil genius powers. So now, poor Bird is stuck on Whyville, until the stranger lets him go.

Until next time, this is msof57 going to hunt down the stranger . . .


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