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Silly City Workers: Overweight Akbar

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Author's Note: I'm starting a small series called "Silly City Workers" and this is the first 'edition.' I'll use City Workers in silly situations, to teach Whyvillians. I might not be able to write this series each week because exams are coming up and I'm beginning a new semester. This week's article isn't meant to make fun of fat people. But the series in itself isn't meant to make fun of City Workers. Thanks in advance for any comments and criticism.

WhyEat is an eating program that teaches Whyvillians about eating in real life. Basically you need to plan a healthy meal and eat it everyday. But doesn't food cost money? WhyEat incorporated that too. Each day in WhyEat, you start with 2,000 food tickets. By eating your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, you're spending your 2,000 food tickets. Also, everyday you need to burn a certain amount of calories by playing games at the Fit Zone. But just like real life, if you don't eat or exercise properly you'll get sick. This is exactly what happened to City Worker Akbar. Recently he suffered sicknesses because he has a heavy donut addiction.

When you're sick in WhyEat, you need to see the Dietician. She'll tell you what to eat to get better. To see her, click "Nutrition Center" on the Destination bar. Then click the hall on the right. What did the Dietician say to Akbar?

Just like Akbar, if you eat too much you have to burn some calories at the Fit Zone. Go to "Fit Zone" on the Destination bar. There are 4 Olympic games here; 50-meter Swim, 50-meter Dash, Bicycle Racing, Pole Vault, and Long Jump. By playing these games, you can increase your strength and stamina. First Akbar tried the 50-meter Swim.

Ooh, looks like it didn't go so well. How about the 50-meter Dash?

I think Akbar just gained more pounds instead of losing them. It was time to introduce Akbar to a friend of mine--BigCH.

Akbar certainly improved with BigCH's help. Check him out at the Bicycle Racing, Pole Vault, and Long Jump.

If you get a high score at these games, your name will be added to the High Scorers list at the bottom of each game. It looks like Akbar was really successful!

When the producers of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" heard Akbar's success story, they decided to sponsor him.

By the way, "BigCH" is a FICTIONAL City Worker. I actually edited City Hall's face to create 'BigCH.' Do you have a Silly City Worker in mind? You're welcome to y-mail me with ideas. Stay tuned for the next article!



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