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Dear Mr. President

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Dear Mr. President,

Many of you have most likely heard P!NK's song, "Dear Mr. President", featuring the Indigo Girls. And if you have not, I strongly suggest you do. Consisting of bitter accusations directed toward the United States President, Mr. George W. Bush, Pink expresses the feelings of many people around the world. Quite obviously, we are fed up with him.

Now, don't you all jump on me after reading the first paragraph. I, personally, am not satisfied with the actions of our President, but do hold an ounce of respect for him. Let me repeat: an ounce. Bush IS a world leader, and that alone deserves props. However, some of his decisions have seriously injured the United States, and the world.

Now, back to the song.

When I visited Germany this summer, I heard the song a lot on the radio, along with posters advertising P!NK. Upon asking Almut, my cousin, I learn this song in particular has spread Pink's fame in Germany. This was the first time I gave the song any notice.

Wow. This girl has some strong opinions, I think. The song almost makes me cry, and I bow my head to hide my watery eyes from my aunt. It's so true.

I, for one, would simply love to take my boom box and hold it above my head in front of the White House, with this song on repeat. How many of you would, as well?

The main gist of the song is that Bush has no idea what really goes on in the lives of most of the American citizens. She implies that he simply thinks he is better than everyone else, and ought to be brought down a few notches.

Also, she addresses a subject close to my heart, gay rights. My dad got a few channels in hi-def as a Christmas present to himself, and recorded a concert of Pink's which took place some place in Europe, England, I believe, for his girlfriend. I was thrilled that at this lyric the cheers heightened in volume. I will not get into my beliefs on gay rights, but let me just say that Pink addressing this controversial subject in a song has definitely put her up there on my list of favorite artists.

Pink, like most of us, is against the war, as seen in this song when she talks about homes being destroyed by bombs, and mothers not being able to say goodbye. I firmly agree with her on this subject. This war in Iraq is pointless, and will only lead to more unnecessary destruction. Do not misunderstand me, I cannot express my gratitude to our American soldiers, but I hate to think their lives are thrown away.

Let me ask you something. If you were able to write a letter to Bush expressing your true feelings, what would you say?

(Written to P!NK's album, I'm Not Dead Platinum Edition)


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