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Alien Invasion: Part One

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I was just minding my own business in Airfield when all of a sudden two aliens landed right in front of me! I was not sure who was more afraid of who. I screamed and ran to another chat room, because I was scared and horrified! I had no idea what was going on!

The aliens started talking to each other while I was gone. They need me to help them, but how would I be able to help such odd creatures. I couldn't, I knew nothing about aliens, but they needed me to help them with a mission.

Naturally, I was frightened by them and their odd look. They needed me to help them find the rest of the parts to their space ship. They asked me to speak of this to no one. I promised to help them and say nothing about the topic to anyone. I can understand why this is a secret, who knows what would happen if other people found out about aliens really existing!

We began to search Whyville for the parts. When we went to Bioplex I saw an oddly shaped object in the grass. The aliens said it was their engine. We grabbed the part of the space ship and hid it where no one would find it. Then we continued our search.

As we continued our search, we went to Girl Game Co. and saw a piece of the ship lying on the ground. The aliens told me it was the gas tank. We took it to the place with the engine and hid it there. Then we went to the Bazaar to see if any parts were there.

The day had slipped away from us! It was already dark outside. We could not see where we were going so we would have to stop looking for the missing parts until tomorrow. We said our goodbyes and we hoped no one else would find the parts before we did.

Will the team find the parts before someone else? Will the aliens get back to their planet safely? Will Savvyxx3 keep the aliens' secret? Find out next week in the next episode of . . . "Alien Invasion"!


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