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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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Glitsygrl:There are a few things I know for sure. I know that he's twelve. I know that he loves My Chemical Romance and that's one point where we both agree on. I know that he's incredibly mature for his age and he can make anyone laugh. And lastly, I know his name is Marcus and many of you don't have the privilege of knowing him. Today we would like to change that, ladies and gentlemen.

Morgan612: Marcus, or bllyjo is one of my best Whyville friends. He may be three years younger than me, but he doesn't act like it. Marcus has the ability to brighten my day. Whenever I'm having a bad day all I have to do is go to Greek Theater and Marcus will be there. He always greets me with a different name every time he sees me, like Morgie Shmorgies! He even said it himself, he's running out of names for me.

Glitsygrl: There are many qualities we all admire in Marcus. One of them, like Morgan said, is his amazing capability of making up nicknames. Another thing that I find quite outstanding about this boy is the way he stands up for himself. Whenever he does find himself in the middle of an argument, which isn't often, he doesn't back down. Marcus isn't stubborn, he just stands up for what he believes in. I wish I was more like that. That's one of the things that made me want to write this article about him with Morgie. Marcus doesn't really care what anyone thinks. That in itself is amazing. I think everybody would have to agree. Besides the obvious, that Marcus is sweet and funny and mature, there is something else about him . . . it's what makes him special and stands out from everyone else. I can't put my finger on it, exactly, its very hard to explain. Marcus, as a whole, he just shines. There are so many qualities about him that put together make an amazing person. I want him to know that.

Morgan612: Marcus is one of the nicest people I've met on Whyville, I don't know him all that well, but he's never been mean or rude to me. A lot of people seem to have gotten the wrong idea about him but they should give him a second chance, Marcus is amazing if you get to know him. Marcus has always been a great friend to me. He always says nice things about everyone and he is usually in the BBS right after the new edition of the Times comes out. He always stands up for his friends if someone says something mean about their article. He always compliments the WITS, and now it's his turn to be complimented

Glitsygrl: Besides being a splenderifically (made up word, love it) person, he does some pretty neat stuff for Whyville, too. Besides being a y-mail helper, I'm sure all of you read his article, "What Politics Have Done". It's the perfect example of the way he expresses his opinions. Marcus, he is a people person. He's friendly, knows how to keep a conversation going and knows how to make you laugh. I believe that the purpose of WITS isn't about how many scions they have, how long they have been on Whyville, or how many articles they have written. I believe that WITS should be to honor those Whyvillians that every time we log in, they make us feel better. Marcus does that. Every single time. That's what makes him deserve this weeks Whyvillian in the Spotlight. Marcus . . . just being Marcus makes you feel better and I think that is worth a thousand WITS. For all that Marcus does for us . . . giving us his honest opinions, making us laugh and feel better, making our Whyville experience just that much better. Thank you, Marcus.

Glitsygrl and Morgan612


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