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Hello Whyville, this is CupOfCake and Mallymomo. We're both very into fashion, even on Whyville. As you Whyvillians know, 'rare' parts are pricey now-a-days! Yet, the truth is Akbar's may have something that you would rather have for 70 clams instead of 7,000. So here it is Whyville, Why-Vogue!

That's So Posh!

After scrambling through Akbar's we found this part:

Part Name: Light of the Moon
Designer's Name: OldTime
It's Only: 69 Clams
Extra! Extra!: There are 2 extensions for this hair: Light of the Moon add on and Light of the Moon ext.
How Much: Both extensions are 69 clams each.

And here's Katrenia1, showing it off:

We were lucky enough to interview her.

CupOfCake: Hello, may we interview you for the Whyville Times?
Katrenia1: Yes.
Mallymomo: What's your favorite part of the hair?
Katrenia1: The color, but also the stars in it.
CupOfCake: What category would you say this hair falls under? Sporty, beachy, etc.
Katrenia1: Most definitely, beachy.
Mallymomo: What makes this hair stand out from the rest?
Katrenia1: It's more unique than most hairs because it looks like it has starfish and seaweed in it.
CupOfCake: Why did you choose this hair?
Katrenia1: Because it matches all of my shirts, and because I love how it has different shades of blonde.
Mallymomo: Would you recommend this hair to anyone?
Katrenia1: Yes, everyone.
CupOfCake: Thanks for letting us interview you.
Mallymomo: Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this. :)

Katrenia1 rates 'Light of the Moon' a 10 out of 10!

What The Designers Are Wearing:





We had the honor to interview one of these designers scroll down to see who we picked!

CupOfCake: Hey, KTLee1. May we interview you for the Whyville Times?
KTLee1: Sure.
Mallymomo: What kind of parts do you design?
KTLee1: I make a variety of different parts, but mainly beanies.
CupOfCake: What is your favorite part that you've made?
KTLee1: A hat called Sweet Child of Mine. It's also my best seller.
Mallymomo: In your opinion what is/are the easiest part(s) to make?
KTLee1: I would have to say a beanie, because all you do is draw a horse-shoe and go from there.
CupOfCake: What was the first part that you made?
KTLee1: It was a hat called . . . Making Music Hat.
Mallymomo: Is there a specific style your parts hold?
KTLee1: Hmm, probably punk.
CupOfCake: How long ago did you start designing?
KTLee1: About 7 months ago.
Mallymomo: From making face parts in general, how many clams do you make a day?
KTLee1: I can/could make about 600 to 3,000 clams a day.
CupOfCake: Do you have any advice for new designers?
KTLee1: All I can say is practice, practice, practice!
Mallymomo: Thanks for letting us interview you, it's been a pleasure.
CupOfCake: Thank you for your time.
KTLee1: You're welcome :)

Meet (Mia) our mannequin!

Get Mia's look:

Hair: Bouncy Wouncy - ieatstars
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert87
Eyes: You Got Me Hypnotizeddd - OldTime
Nose: Realistic Nose For Sunroofer - Angel4678
Lips: Dont be such a Gloomy Gus - AmyBlair
Shirt: FFTLNoteToSelflmissyouterribly - altarboy

Mia's look will change weekly, her look this week is "punk". Mia is also very unpredictable, you will never know what she might wear!

Note from the authors:

CupOfCake: Thanks for reading this week's "Why-Vogue"!
Mallymomo: Come back next week for another edition!

This is Mallymomo and CupOfCake signing off.
*Where's the button?*


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