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The Scion Stealing Ninja: Part 3

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Now we begin the next episode of "The Scion Stealing Ninja". Hmm . . . where did we leave off? Oh yes, Chuck Norris had just arrived at the scene, ready to help them catch the ninja. The scene begins as Morgan realizes there really is something different about Chuck today?

The girls instantly attack him.

Someone called the police about their big fight! But sadly only Morgan got caught fighting Chuck Norris. The police officer took her away.

They took her away to jail, where she met two inmates, Zach, and Shane. Zach was in jail for dressing up like a Christmas tree and trying to eat the people who bought him and Shane, who was a doctor was in for letting a poor innocent Newbie die instead of giving her the surgery she needed.

Christa and Sam tried to bail her out, but they didn't have enough clams, so in the meantime, they tried to catch the ninja. They set up a trap in food court.

They realized the trap was way to obvious for the ninja to fall into, but thankfully he was under the influence and didn't notice.

They caught the ninja in the trap and called the police. Find out what happens when the police show up on the next episode of "The Scion Stealing Ninja"!


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