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Ipod Versus Zune

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Hey everybody! SweetMN here, to compare popular mp3 players. Today stepping up is the conflict of the Ipod vs. Zune!

*Cheers from the audience*

Okay Whyvillians, this is how it's going to work. First the mp3 will introduce itself, then we will give some facts about it. Plus some interviews, so with that being said, let's begin!

*Ding ding*

First stepping up onto the mat is . . . the Zune! Make some noise for the Zune!

Up next is the one, the only . . . iPod!

Oh Ipod sounds pretty mad right now! Well what are we waiting for? Let the match begin!

*moments later*

Alright folks while they're wrestling each other let's get the scoop on these mp3 players.

Since the Zune family introduced itself first, we're going to start with some info about the iPod.

Now there are many colors and sizes of iPods. Just look at the picture above! I'm going to talk about the iPods from smallest to largest.

iPod Shuffle

This is the smallest of the iPod family so far. The cost is about $80. It comes in a variety of colors (of course almost all of them do). Some of them include purple, white, blue, and green. The shuffle is probably the most portable of the mp3s. It's so tiny, it could fit in your pocket!

iPod nano

There are two kinds of nanos. There's the long skinny one, and there's the newer version of it pictured in with the iPod family above. On the nanos you can play games, view photos, (on the newer edition,) and watch videos too! These cost about $149.

iPod Classic

Oooo. Classy. Me likey. The iPod classic is like the newer nano except it's taller. These cost about $249

iPod Touch

You got the magic touch when you have iPod touch! Haha, ok maybe it's not 'magical' but hopefully you get what I mean. To me these kind of look like an iPhone. These are about the same size as the iPod Classic and they cost about $299.


On almost all the iPods you can play games, watch videos, and view photos, and of course listen to music! They also come in awesome colors.

On to the Zune . . .

Woo hoo.


There's the 80gb, 30gb, 8gb, and 4gb. By the way, if you don't know what GB means, it means gigabyte. These come in the colors of black, green, pink, and red. You can do a variety of things on there. You can listen to music, view photos, listen to the radio, watch podcasts and more.

- The 80gb is of course the biggest of the family they cost around $250.
- The 30gb is the second biggest of the family and cost about $150.
- The 4 and 8gbs are the same height and length and they cost around $130.

Now let's turn back to the match.


Oh I just found my animal crackers I was looking for. Yay me. Oh woops . . .


What's this? I guess the referee has to come in and settle this never ending battle. He pronounces this match to be a tie! After the match I managed to get some interviews.

SweetMN: So iPod, what did you think of that match?
Ipod: Oh man what can I say? That Zune is one great wrestler! Although he should regret what he said about going into the ground. I mean hello I'm still here! Above the ground and better than ever!
SweetMN: Okay, well I got to go, I have to interview the Zune yet!
Ipod: Haha, okay, whatever, have fun.

I finally found the Zune, after being crowded by its fans.

Zune: Great, just great! What do you want? Oh sorry, thought you were a fan, my bad.
SweetMN: Haha it's okay, what did you think of that match?
Zune: Well I hated that the ref just HAD to come in there! I swear I could've smashed that iPod into the ground.
SweetMN: So you weren't satisfied?
Zune: Kinda, I think it got some of the bad energy out. While we were in the locker room, we apologized and stuff.
SweetMN: So you're cool?
Zune: We're cool.

So that about does it today! Wasn't that fantastic match? Well anyways see you next time!

*ding ding*

Well at least until I think of something else to write about . . .



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