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Helping Me - BBS Edition: Constructive Criticism

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How does it feel? Well those of you who have never posted or written an article for the Times, you are missing out on a lot. Writing an article is one thing. Having the confidence to send it in is another.

My first article that was accepted was on the front cover. How cool? The main emotion that I felt was that I was proud of myself. I actually made an article for the Times. Someone said it was addicting to check the BBS, so I checked it. People were giving me some constructive criticism and others weren't.

I was sad and felt bad that I had ever sent in my article. All I was doing was trying to honor my friend Livi. I never thought about what Whyvillians thought and how harsh they were going to be. I think it is shameful for any person to not send in constructive criticism for BBS, and to make the author feel so bad they wish they never sent in an article.

The BBS is a place to share your opinion. You can say you didn't like it but you should also say what the author could do better. You could even congratulate the person for having an article accepted. I know that other people have written similar articles to this, asking people to use constructive criticism. But in general, people still do not do it. I think it is horrible.

On my report card, which was very good in fact, says "responds to constructive criticism". If you can use it in school, how come you don't use it online? Whyville was meant for us to build our education. If you are not using constructive criticism you are not doing one thing that Whyville is meant for.

Just think about it. I am not pointing fingers I am just saying in general.

Okay, I went Google and typed "constructive criticism", this is what I found.

Main Entry: Constructive Criticism
Part of Speech: Noun
Definition: Criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions.

I also found that you can use constructive criticism like a hamburger.

compliment --> bun
criticism --> middle
compliment --> bottom bun

See what I mean. Here is an example made up by me.

I loved the whole idea of your article. <-- compliment
It needed way more words and a better topic. <-- criticism
I can see you really tried though and that's what matters. <-- compliment

You can even change it a little if you have a lot of criticism.

compliment --> bun
criticism --> meat
criticism --> tomato
compliment --> bottom bun


I loved your article idea! <-- compliment
I think you need to work on your writing skills a lot. <-- criticism
I suggest working on your vocabulary. It was really short. It looked like you did it in five minutes. <-- criticism
I am sure with a little practice you will be one of the best writers in the Times. <-- compliment

Okay, now that you know how to use constructive criticism, I hope you can be nice in BBS.

Signing off to go cook a hamburger. Peace out.


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