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Get to Know the Candidates : The Democrats

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It seems the upcoming United States presidential election is all that is talked about. Whether it be on the news, in a conversation with your acquaintances, or anywhere else. This election is conversed about everywhere.

Everyone knows about the popular candidates. For the democrats, those popular candidates you probably know about may include Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and John Edwards. For the republicans, there's also a few of them. There's Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Guiliani, Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee. I'm sure you've heard of all of them, but have you heard about the lesser-known candidates?

You may have heard these peoples' names. Perhaps you haven't even heard their names. Some of these people actually have the best ideas, though.

This article is about two of the lesser-known Democratic candidates running for president in this upcoming election.

Mike Gravel is the first I'll talk about. He's held many past offices for Alaska, although he was born in Massachusetts. He's been in the House of Representatives, and has been a Senator. In the 1970s, he ended the draft! How does he stand on the issues, you ask? He's pretty liberal. He favors abortion, same-sex marriage, universal health care, school vouchers, using alternative fuel, and how illegal immigrants should earn citizenship. He opposes the death penalty. He wants to get the troops out of Iraq quickly - in 60 days! Although this plan may seem unrealistic, it's better than nothing. He doesn't like the military. He thinks that it has had a bad effect on the nation's youth. Because of this, he obviously doesn't want the army to get larger.

Dennis Kucinich is also very liberal. He has been the mayor of Cleveland. He was elected to the City Council of Cleveland when he was only 23. He later represented Ohio in the House of Representatives. He favors abortion. He also favors same-sex marriage. He wants health care to be a right, not a privilege. He also wants the people to use alternative fuel. He wants illegal immigrants to be able to earn citizenship. "There aren't any illegal human beings," he has said. He wants to lower the voting age to 16 and the drinking age to 18. He does not want it to be a right to own guns. He doesn't like school vouchers, unlike Mike Gravel.

Have you ever heard of these two candidates? if not, I hope you now may consider voting for these two candidates, or maybe even spreading the word about them! If you want to learn more, there are two really good sites on finding how candidates stand on certain issues.


This site is really good for finding facts about the candidates. It has quotes from them and shows how they voted on different polls. This site has information about all of the candidates, from both the Democrats and Republicans (and even some Independents!)


You may be surprised, but this site is actually an easy and basic way to get to know the candidates! It's from Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" television special.

The two sites I told you about are my sources. Tune in next week to find out about some of the lesser-known Republican candidates in this upcoming election. Thanks for reading.

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