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Cohenlm, Cohenlm, Cohenlm, well, what can I say? Quiet a bit actually, there's not many negative things you could say about her, she's a great friend, a devoted Whyvillian and strives hard to make her dreams and goals become a reality.

So, who is this wonderful girl I hear you ask? Well let me introduce you to Cohenlm.

She was named Rachael when she was born, and since her registration onto Whyville in 2006, she has earned many new names.

In 2007, I met Rachael at the Beach, and the next day we were friends, after I'd nicknamed her Potato and called myself Rhubarb. She has the kind of personality that is magnetic; she's funny, kind, and very loyal . . . never letting her friends be put down or victimized by others.

I never seem to stop meeting people who are friends with her, or enjoy her company, she meets people and makes friends, simple pimple.

By looking at Rachael, you may have noticed her slight Cow obsession, her friends call her "Cowluvah"; she also loves music, hanging out, writing for the Times and playing Whyville games such as the Cafeteria Clean Up or Wing fling!

Another great thing about Rachael is her just plain wackiness and outgoing personality; she is imaginative and extremely creative. She has written many articles for the Times. She is dedicated, compassionate to her friends, and makes people laugh. What more could you want?!

To show you how valued Rachel is as a friend, I've interviewed a few of them for this WITS.

Pinkscunk: How did you meet Cohenlm?
Cameliz: I don't know I was just with people when all of a sudden she's my BFF.
Pinkscunk: What is your favorite thing about her?
Cameliz: Her cows.
Pinkscunk: Which aspect of her personality made you warm to her most?
Cameliz: Well she's always there for me and that makes me feel she knows that I care for her.
Pinkscunk: Anything else you'd like to add?
Cameliz: Make cowlover your friend too!

Pinkscunk: How did you meet Cohenlm?
Tomboy0L: I met her at South Beach, and she was asking me for clams to buy a scion (xD) I think . . .
Pinkscunk: What is your favorite thing about her?
Tomboy0L: I guess I liked her humor the most.
Pinkscunk: Which aspect of her personality made you warm to her most?
Tomboy0L: Well, at first, we didn't get along, but as we bumped into each other often, we began to be nice to each other and I guess everything fell into place.
Pinkscunk: Anything else you'd like to add?
Tomboy0L: She's really obsessed with cows. Really. :)

To end this WITS, I would like to say that Potato has changed me, maybe not in a huge way, but she has changed me. She encouraged me to break the mold and be different, to stand up for what I want to be or look like and to never let anyone take advantage of you.

I owe a lot to my Potato, and best Whyvillian friend, I hope we stay friends for a very long time.


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