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A to Z: E

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bluebag: Hey guys! This week's "A to Z" is sort of like a special, only not like last week. This week, I have one of my really good friends on Whyville that will help write 'E' with me.

tbear10: ZOMGZ HEYYYYY1!11!11!!!!11

bluebag: Jeez, Tara, settle down. Please.

tbear10: LOLOLOLLLO!!!!1!11!1!1!11

bluebag: Tara, seriously.

tbear10: Sorry. -clears throat- Today on A to Zed (eh), we are doing Eeeeeeee!

bluebag: And we've got some seriously awesome artists that we'd like to share with you. Tara, drum roll, please?


bluebag: While that isn't really like a drumroll, it'll do. We've got The Eagles, Eisley, eleventyseven and Escape the Fate! I'm really sorry to say that I had to cut Evanescence for two reasons: 1) We were running out of room and I didn't want it to be too long, and 2) Almost everyone knows about Evanescence. Sorry to those who were looking forward to 'E' for that reason, but I cut a lot of popular choices and everyone else still lives, at least, I think so anyway . . . (: We're going to start with Escape the Fate. Tara, take it away!

Tbear10: Escape the Fate got their start when lead singer Ronnie Radke formed it through MySpace with the help of his friend, Max Green. Soon after, Bryan Money (who was found through MySpace), Omar Espinoza and Robert Ortiz joined the band.

bluebag: On September 12, 2006, Ronnie Radke left the band (supposedly because of a heroin addiction), only to return less than a month later. Meanwhile, Omar Espinoza left during the Black on Black tour saying that he left on good terms with the band and is now in the band The Black and White City. The band was scheduled to co-headline the "Take Action Tour" but due to unknown reasons, they were not able to play and were replaced by the band From First To Last.

tbear10: Darn. Escape the Fate is so much better than From First To - Nevermind. Jenn you never read that . . . ANYWAYS. "As You're Falling Down" and "Situations" are their top songs.

bluebag: I like them both equally! Anyway, moving onto Eisley . . .

tbear10: Who's that?

bluebag: That, Tara, would be a band that was suggested by Leo (Emmy) because her sister likes them. Eisley was formed by two sisters named Chauntelle and Sherri in their bedrooms after they were inspired by The Beatles and Radiohead in 1997. Their eight-year old sister, Stacy, and ten-year old brother, Weston, soon joined their new band.

tbear10: Ah, but let's not forget their cousin, Garron! In the early years, the band went through many names. At first, they were known as the Towheads, but then they changed their name to Moss Eisley. Any of you Star Wars fans would know that Mos Eisley is a spaceport town in the films. But finally, after contemplating using Neverland or Sinclair as band names, they dropped the Moss and were simply known as Eisley. Now that you know about the many name changes, let's go on to the bassist drama. Kaila?

bluebag: Bassist drama, it sure is an unfortunate thing. After the band's friend, Amy Whittaker left in 1998, Taylor Muse filled in and came up with the band's name. Taylor wasn't ever considered to be a full member. A guy named Jonathon Wilson stepped in to be the bassist in later 2001, but stepped down in 2005 during their tour with Hot Hot Heat. Fifteen year old Garron DuPree, who is cousin to the other members, became the newest bassist.

tbear10: Currently, the band is taking some time off for family after having wrapped up a tour with Mute Math, and they are now in the midst of planning a tour for spring of this year.

bluebag: MOVING ONWARD to . . . The Eagles! I'm sure that everyone's heard of the song "Desperado", and if you haven't then you've obviously been living under a rock for a while. "Hotel California" is another popular song by The Eagles.

tbear10: The Eagles were among the extremely successful bands in the 1970s, with 5 Number 1 singles, and 6 Number 1 albums!

bluebag: Wow, that's more than Beyonce!

tbear10: Yeah, no kidding. The band has also had many more achievements, but if we were to name them all, you would be here all day. Although, to name a . . . hmm . . . historic achievement, The Eagles album Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971 - 1975 has been the best selling album in the U.S. to date!

bluebag: That would be why it's called "Greatest Hits", Tara . . . anyway, over the years, they've changed the lineup of members at least seven times, so I'm not going to even go into that, except that Glenn Frey and Don Henley are the only two members that have stuck with The Eagles since it was formed in 1971!

tbear10: Whatever. The Eagles broke up in 1980 but in 1994, the band reunited for Hell Freezes Over, which is a mixture of live and new studio tracks. They have toured since that time, and in 1998, they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

bluebag: I think that The Eagles are the first band that I've done that's been in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame! Now, only one more band left: eleventyseven. eleventyseven is a Christian pop/punk band that formed in 2002. Interesting fact: They chose the name eleventyseven because "it's the one that looked cool the next morning."

tbear10: The band is signed with Flicker Records and they have 2 albums with the label, as well as 4 popular singles on Christian radio.

bluebag: eleventyseven was formed by Matt Langston and Caleb Satterfield when they first played together for a church youth group. Johnathon Stephens was later added as the drummer and they began playing shows in their hometown. They released several singles and EPs, which caught the attention of Flicker Records, who later signed them to the label.

tbear10: Their hit, "MySpace" became extremely popular when the song was on Christian radio and the band appeared on MTVU. Wow, who knew a song could be so popular because you named it "MySpace"?

bluebag: I most definitely didn't! Okay, Tara, I think that wraps up this week's edition of "A to Z".

tbear10: Awe, well . . . if we have to . . . and since we are doing E bands this week, I will leave you with a quote from (drum roll!) . . . The Eagles!

"Just for the record, we never broke up. We took a 40 year vacation!"

tbear10: And I'm done. Peace out!

bluebag: So long, Whyvillians, until next week. Remember to suggest bands for 'F'!


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